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She lived my views. I think about all look how great come to California. Yeah. Leave Georgia come and come back to California. And because listen, Malahide says, you know, Georgia's bed because they, they wanna protect the baby. I'll be asleep abortion, is going to be key in the twenty twenty election. And you know what I if you got to take a stance, take a stance, I'm pro life, I'm not ashamed about that. And when you have Joe Scarborough and morning, Joe on MSNBC, which is the definition of and the template for failure. You have to. He says these radical ideas from the GOP a radical idea. Hey, listen. You went full term, but, you know, you're lonesome cash, and, you know, confer to catch, you know, maybe I don't want that pregnancy. That sounds like a good idea. Right. Think about that. When did the wind and I become a radical, I grew up in a city, just like San Francisco, Sacramento, LA. I I understand that. There are different. Social ideas, and certainly a different belief systems than I might have. But we had a fundamental foundation. We have we had something that was basic. We had something that was a good idea. It was right and wrong. And it was a general societal agreement on certain things. But don't stay there. And tell me that it's a radical crazy GOP idea that you don't want to kill a baby after its point, I'm sorry. I mean what the hell of these people smoke? And I really believe I know we're getting to the top of the outbreak here. But I indulge me for just a couple of minutes. I really believe somebody pressed the button in the, the secret world of politics. And they said, this is twenty twenty time. And the status and the Stalinist the Leninists and the academics and the media late in the political elite, they all got together, and he sat down in their sacred hall of injustice, and they sat sat around and tables, like listen. I think it's now I think now's the time we can get these filthy, filthy capitalists, and they filthy constitutional respecting individuals get them out of our way. What's in it for a for a governor or a state legislature or a city council? What's in it for them if they get their every progressive idea down on paper and they get the win? Let's say they get everything they wanted what exactly is in it for them. Power. Pout power the purse strings. And if you believe that the, the thought of the firearm is, is gonna float out of society, one day because the rest of the again, the left wing sync offense, and the, and the potentially brain damage, they get together and say, well, you know, it's we, we, if she came into the guns angry man. Yeah. Yeah. Does it? That doesn't work. You think that won't be shipped up up north from South America? You don't think we'll get some guns in town in no time after you ban all the firearms? Human nature is a very, very interesting thing. I'm not asking you to be a full blown psychologists a chi- interest here has it been you go take a law enforcement test and work on the job for about two years. That'll that'll learn ya. All right. I don't have a firearm, and, you know, I'd like one because I would like to steal from people and I would like to break it the properties. And, and I don't want some kooky co homeowner, you know, celebrating the second amendment, you know, open up on me. I can't have that. So we'll get we'll get the politicians to get the guns from them. And then I can get in there and Jack everybody. Yeah, that's mine. Now. Let me just take that. What's in it for the leftist? What's in it for the, the socialist slash communists? Who are they what what does? That's what they really are. They want power man. They are power hungry. Psychotics. I'm a great believer in less government. I'm a great believer in a. Yeah. Please don't bother me go away. I don't like you. This. You're gonna think this is radical coming from a former detective and police officer. Yeah. You're gonna things very radical. I am not a fan of those red light death. I don't like those red light the automatic. Red light tickets, not a fan of those if you really wanted to sell the traffic condition what you do is you go to the worst areas in your force the hell out of for about three or four months. Guess what? People stop speeding. They'll get the message and after a few points hit your license, and you pay a few hundred bucks in fines, guess what? You'll get the message it'll be great. But, you know, the, the autonomous John cameras dangling name. We'll get this. Oh, we don't put any points on your license to give a crap. Yeah. I I trust in law enforcement I trust. I trust in the, the good guy. And I think it's I think it's tyrannical. I really believe we'll put the there's going to be drone say, I mean, there's moving speed traps today again, you know, the libertarian side of my brain is revealing itself. I have great belief in the officer and the deputy and the police officer out there. Good traffic enforcement. But, you know, when the robots, you know, I got a friend of mine, he, he won't buy any vehicle, that's not made in the nineteen sixties. I'm sticking with the sixties maybe early seventies. I don't want any GPS. I don't want any computers in my car, get away from me. My dad was that way. The easy pass. Oh, he thought that was the most ferries thing in the history of mankind. By the way, was right. Because when.

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