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That's right. But they split up? Yeah, they got divorced. And in fact, the character the Giovanni Ribisi character in Lawson translation is highly influenced by spike, just that, right? Yeah. Interesting. Sort of noxious. I could see that I could see him being a little God. He's brilliant. Yeah, sure. You know, it's funny he's he actually made a video recently that was kind of like a callback. He doesn't really. Nobody is. So we're music videos like the cachet of music videos is sort of like not what it used to be, you know, make them right, definitely still make them, but it's like you gotta like, look, seek them out and find him on whatever MTV's not like churning out blocks of dome with music videos anymore. But he made a video. It was actually a apple commercial June's commercial with artists f, k, twigs, and I forget she wasn't the singer, but she's in the video, this amazing kind of weirdo sort of almost like a like a soul Bjork kind of. Yeah. She's also an amazing train dancer in the video. It's like her in her apartment like listening to music. And then all of a sudden like she starts like moving the walls around and everything starts like fanning out. And like, you know, she pushes a panel on the wall and the wall kind of like goes inward and like everything. There's posters on the wall and the posters start splitting up into like little segmented, kind of like as though you were taking something in stretching it out, really, really amazing article type affects. Yes, just it really reminded me of why love that early stuff. Yeah, and well, he did the. It's also quite video that Bjork all all choreography a- all dislike. Perfect timing with camera moves and it was the heyday. It was. That's actually Emily was a music video producer. And during that heyday when you you could get like fucking million dollars to direct a music video right budget for the biggest of the big. But it was a little playground for people like spike Jones, like they would get sought out and hired or hype Williams, and they would just throw money at him and say, what do you want to do? And you could be as creative as you wanted to be. And that's why spike did things like the buddy Holly video. It's like these, you know, really ambitious. I know. Anything. A minute ago. It's like, you know, these were all simple practical videos like, no, these were like massive. Some of these were like Busby Berkeley. Yeah, camera panning through the ceiling, huge productions or whatever, like the video. But I guess what I was getting more is like, you know, there's a one of my favorites is believe it was Michelle Gondree because I kind of lump them together. They were sort of active at the same time at a similar sensibility. They would live in the same house. Yeah. What do you say could park their car garage? Exactly. There's a video for the white stripes song, dead leaves on the dirty ground where it's just like, yeah, it's like he's like in this house and there's projections on the wall of other stuff that has happened in this house. Sort of like meant to be standings for memories. He's had about, you know, bad shit that went down the house or like something with a love lost or whatever. But it's such a simple device and it's very clearly like a practical thing. We're shooting projections on the wall right room and then filming it, and I don't know. That's just really did it for me. Yeah, it's cool. It's. I mean, sadly those days are gone. Another still make music videos, but like Emily worked, she saw that transition happened from, we have all the money in the world to do what we want to three years later. We have job that would have been a six hundred thousand dollar job five years ago. And now here's a hundred grand and we want the same thing, the expectations the same, but the money wasn't the closest thing I can. I can compare these days to that is that this director team go by the name Daniels and they made that movie Swiss army man with. I didn't see that. Oh, it's great. Yeah, you fucking weird. It's like, you know, the forty one is the farting corpse one where Paul Dana's like marooned on this island or whatever. And Daniel Radcliffe, Harry Potter is this like bloated farting corpse that he finds and he ends up like riding him around like a dolphin and it's all this like, yeah, but it's these guys made music videos..

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