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Four of those since returning spencer to eighty five. Just book the big fight. It will touch on that in moment but spencer. What did you think sean. Churkin's performance impress. Were you with what he put together over those twenty five minutes. I mean pretty impressed like this is clearly the biggest one of his career. It's kind of a similar performance to what we've seen from him since coming back where it's just that kind of marauding style coming forward sticking the doubt in people's faces and just kind of wearing them out with volume and and a gas tank that he's one of those guys that he doesn't put a a wild on you but it's just so consistent you never really get the chance to catch your breath. There's no breaks and so to me. It's it's a tremendous performance. You said four straight since coming back from the injury and moving back to middleweight shouts brennan fitzgerald for getting that out there early in the broadcast that he started his career at middleweight. My my sticking point that i loved to point it was. It was the kind of wind he needed to get over this stuff. We talked about last week of great. He beat kristoff yacht. Co like your ryan hall and and he said going in your rioters. a gatekeeper. didn't mean it detrimentally. I use the term. A lot. Because i don't i don't look at it with that negative connotation that a lot of people do it just means. You're you're where you are and there's absolutely nothing wrong with being the ninth best. Middleweight in the ufc. For a number of years. I mean to really damn good. And there's a lot of dudes that would like to trade places with you. And sean stricklin showed that he's a little bit ahead of that. He's a little bit better than that. How far better how much better how far he can go. That's kind of the fun part of this right now is just seeing kenny. Do those same things where it's not e- doesn't show necessarily the power to get you out of there. He's not coming with anything. Fancy or flashy. That's gonna like catch you off guard and get you out of there to hurry. But he's also finished brennan allen during this run and so how far can you take this and and we're going to get to find out here later on this year when he when he has that fight with luke rock. Hold which maybe doesn't tell us anything we'll get to that but this this performance last weekend was exactly what he needed. An an impressive to me aka. What did you think like. Did you walk away from vegas thirty three thinking you know. What that sean. Strickland loud fella. Who likes to talk in his fights and say crazy things. This is a legit title contender. They're watching right now. Do you feel like like. I feel like with kevin. Harlan huges winning fights personality shown and people ready to throw him into a title fight like at the end of the year. If you beat schalke thrown into a title fight. Get them right in there with busy do you. Do you have any sort of the same feeling which sean strickland with this run. That he's on right now after. Getting five straight wins. I'm pretty. I think i'm on record and on most of our shows that we've talked about sean. Strickland has an expensive appreciate this. That i was very much On the strickland bandwagon as hall banned by the way at barry hall bandwagon. By the way it was probably why i was so invested in this main event More i against. I think i didn't like people saying this is like a throwaway main events i understood. I understood the criticism. The car during your i still. It turned out to be a really good card. I didn't think on paper was a great card. But the main event i always thought wasn't intriguing event. I didn't understand people saying well. Neither of these guys are ever going to designate. If i if you write off all wins. He continues the best streak of his Stretches your career and absolutely could have contended and strickland wins than he's the real deal again on the prints positively i was. I was just kind of looking at it. You know how could it benefit both guys So yeah. I was not come sunday morning. I wasn't like wow. I can't believe everyone's talking about sean strickland now. I'm like i'm like no. This is the logical outcome especially given his performance. Which again. I think i picked hall. I thought hall had was the stage of his career. Where he's kind of like matured and he could he could Wouldn't fall some of the pitfalls that he's that he's gone into before and it wasn't a case he got he got beat by a better fighter I hope you're hall. I kind of i kind of flippantly tweeted something like you know. Well i've i've. I've been fooled again by the era hall. You know a story but again. That's that's just sort of like saying we've had expectations for him for so long. I think he needs anyone to tell him. But i think when he looks back in his career he's had a very good career. I'm and i hope. I hope he doesn't become the sort of cautionary tale like your house. Someone who has never quite like good enough to to make it to the titles. That's a lot of fighters that's a lot of fighters who spent a wish they could be that successful but focusing on strickland's i'm telling people do not count this guy out as someone who could not only compete for the title like. I think this is recently bias. I think you could really give someone like israel tucson. You're really good fight. I really do. There's there shades. i think. I'm not the first person to make this comparison. There's shades of michael spinks michael being for the longest time got criticized. Oh he's he's a volume guy. He doesn't have that one punch knockout power. He wanted us to see title. He what is he telling. He was a contender for a long time. We'll we'll strickland. Follow that pat. I don't know he's got the mouth as well. He's kind of trash on the building. Sb certainly not afraid of the microphone. So my my big takeaway is if anyone was sleeping on strong strickland before. I don't know why you would be now if especially if you watch that fight and not just saw the result. If you actually watch that fight you should say. This guy has the potential to be a top five Middleweight by the end of the year. So less than a week. After this victory ak sean strickland already has his new opponent. He will face former middleweight. Champion luke recalled in november at usc to sixty eighth fight has been verbally. Agreed to and this fits. If you watch my interview with rock hold from a few weeks ago. This fits essentially all the criteria that rock cold wanted to check off on the old clipboard..

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