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Your team is like eighty years old cultures that was of years. How do you think that one is way more important than the other? It's so yeah, you're right. It's like like really you're so into like, the primal beginnings of the, you know, this is this is how it always has been like what no back to how it always has been leave a question that hopefully this isn't too difficult for anyone. But I feel like one thing that that. I know I've struggled with on the past. With callers is like there's a bunch of like. Native appropriating or or whatever shit that is specifically I think it's the thing in New Orleans. That's like very specifically like sort of a black tradition of dressing is that well one I can't the wild choppy, Shula's and stuff. Yeah. I can't speak for those tribes and those people. Because you know, there are dizziness people for sure. For me. I don't appropriations one of those things where I think like whatever you do if you get into the nitty gritty argument with someone like it's just none of you guys are going to feel great about it. But it's a conversation. That's absolutely needed to have. But for me because it's weird because I want so many native American artists, and clothing designers, and just content creators, and everyone I want them to be so successful. So I'm like, well, here's an easy way. Whatever they're selling you trust them because they're selling it to you by offended by from real people. Who know what it is? It's better. It's true. Or the stories are better. It's you know, honesty, is authentic truth is offensive and you're getting it straight from it. So that's like the quick and easy way to go around appropriation. Because for the most part, I mean, obviously, some people would be like, I don't care whatever you want. But for the most part, that's an easy way. It's like, oh, this is a native American like there are amazing. Nate American designers out there, like Bethany yellowtail, she's not going to sell you something that is super wrong for anyone aware because she wants to share like that's how clothing designers work is they they share their designs there are, and, you know, their culture, and that's the okay way. So just do that. Don't don't go out and put a crappy chicken feather headdress together. Also, just stop headdresses. I know they're cool. But like, I wouldn't even wear them. That's like there's a long history. And I'm trying I'm trying there's a long history to everything we do. It's it's tough being native American. But so what I like to do is like a quay is it's like a purple heart. Not like, I would never wear a purple heart because I didn't earn it. And I also wouldn't wear a headdress because I didn't earn it. So like if native Americans won't do that. Just don't do it is like the quick and easy way of doing it. And like there are any of things that you can do there are there are plenty of like native American designers out there where you can wear. It'll be amazing noodle. Look just as good go. It'll look better. So. Yeah. Because you won't have to explain it away. Everywhere you go you won't shame. Yeah. Same won't be excessively. Yeah. She was not enough people's accessory. Be more. I wanna shame. Every shame game needs to be a little stronger. Should we do another voicemail this bad? Boy. Right. My question is what it shortly is it racist? Or is there a problem when mystery people but one of them race next purchase lack identifies being of mixed-race or vibrational incentives? Fully identifying and the back number hind, I'm BI racial my mom's white and my dad is black black women. I have a friend who is fully blacks last month breath to add and she thinks that if..

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