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Of all time. He's thinking, you know, I like the cartoon ones right off the road right now. Oh, you know, I love animation was whatever was Claymation with Burl Ives. Have a Holy all right back. While you were sleeping. That a Christmas movie yet is because if Diehard is a Christmas movie while you were sleeping is a Christmas movie, you're going to see that new you're going to say that it is awesome. To me. It is the you know you go in you look and and the Christmas carols. All of that stuff I love you know the Scrooged I love Christmas vacation. I think every the raft is an underrated Christmas movie. If you've never seen it, Denis Leary and the before we knew he was a creeper. Kevin Spacey, uh, came out in the mid nineties. Just a phenomenal movie. Is it a real Christmas? It's a real Christmas movie. He is a cat. He's a burglar is a cat burglar. And he breaks into a house and there's a dysfunctional family and he takes him over. And it's almost like a therapy session during Christmas, and it's hilarious on it's awesome, But check me Christmas. Carol 1951 Alistair Sams Play Scrooge the greatest Portrayal of Scrooge ever even better than Scrooge McDuck stuff, which is tough. I would probably the way like Heat miser and snow miser, the Oh my god, he might send snowmen and their brothers. That's the funny They hate each other. The mind your brother's demise your brother's love goes on Route office. Great by the way for those you're not keeping score. Oh, here's a little knowledge to throw down to you. All of those reindeers that fly Santa. They're all they're all girls. Is that right? Because Because male reindeer is lose their antlers in the winter sounds. Let's throw that out there. Very interesting Power to the girl. There you go to the girls. Yeah, that's right. All right. So we have got it. Not yet here. But it's here for all intensive purposes. We'll call it the vaccine. First person, though, in the world to get it wasn't the elderly lady. We'd call her in England and OA PE and old age pensioner. She was in Coventry at the University Hospital, and she received the Fizer super duper XK 15 Niner vaccine. None of those scores made it up. She's made his trip Maggie and King in a 90 year old grandmother who just became the first person in the U. K to get vaccinated for covert 19 jokes to tell you the truth is stocked with, believe it, but I'm happy it happened. So.

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