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Are moving toward verbal commands that go deeper into a car's controls. As we hear from kcbs, Jim Taylor, the car is getting more talkative, too. Kind of conjures up images of David Hasselhoff behind the wheel of his night writer, right? I am the voice of night industry 2000s microprocessor. KITT for easy reference, a kit if you prefer. No, I don't prefer and what's more, I don't intend to drive around in a car that talks back to me. And I get used to it, it'll be kind of like Alexis sitting in your passenger seat. You don't even have to start the conversation. Say road conditions are getting iffy. The next car you buy may chirp up asking if you'd like to engage four wheel drive and hey, how about turning up the temperature of that self warming seat, huh? Automakers are expanding voice capabilities to allow users to control more of the car through spoken word, moving toward voice commands that go deeper into the car's controls, verbal cues for turning on wipers, adjusting mirrors or even selecting some listening music. As you wish mister knight, my detector in a slightly irritable mood caused by fatigue. May I suggest you put the car in the auto cruise mode for safety's sake? No, you may not. A car that talks back to me. Jim Taylor, case CBS. Start 8, November 4th. Jupiter has a bulging waistline. The planet is almost 6000 miles thicker through the equator than through the poles. The result of diet and activity. Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system. It's 11 times the diameter of earth and more massive than all the other planets combined. Jupiter grew so large because it was born far from the sun. At that distance, it was cold enough for the planet's growing center to incorporate a lot of ice in addition to rock, so it grew big and heavy. And that gave it a strong gravitational pull. Jupiter used that gravity to suck in a lot of hydrogen and helium gas that were left over from the birth of the sun. Gas that wasn't available closer to the sun. Hydrogen and helium are the lightest of all chemical elements. So while they help make Jupiter

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