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Dr miller. Thank you so much for joining me again. You are such a voice of encouragement for me. As i listen to you on a daily basis in trying to make sense of really what can only be described as confusion and chaos. That something that you describe it as often as well whether it's coming to gender identity and the sexual and moral revolution that you talk about so much you're just the intricacies of policy in court decision so first of all. Thank you for that. Can you give a little bit of first briefing. Courage meant to christians who really just want to bury their head in the sand and to not look at. What's going on culturally and politically and just pretend like none of it's happening because we don't know what to do about it. Do you think it's important for us to kind of keep abreast on what's going on and why looks great to be with you. Allie beth and yes. I do want to offer that word of encouragement to christians not to stick our heads in the sand and try to ignore or be oblivious to what's going on because it's not just that we we have to be faithful to christ in the midst of our times we. We have to understand what we're up against there but it's even more importantly out of love for christ's church for fellow believers for our own children and grandchildren need to be thinking through these issues even ahead of the culture in order to be faithful when the culture throws the the next the next weapon at us and frankly they're coming fast and furiously and just love her own children and grandchildren and the determination that they grow up and be faithful to christ. It requires that we be very aware of the things going on around us. i understand. It's daunting and painful. And it's complicated. But the church of the lord. Jesus christ has all the resources we need to confront these issues with faith and without fear. That doesn't mean that that we don't understand what we're up against but we respond with faith and without fear. So that's a good word of encouragement knowing the truth is a good biblical. Principle and denying reality is never faithfulness.

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