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And we are just about four hours away from the open of U.S. trading let's get you up to date on the news you need to know what the shower After its first quarter earnings miss yesterday shares of Google parent Alphabet are down more than two and a half percent in early trading mandeep Singh of Bloomberg intelligence points to slower and sales in a week performance by YouTube The search business continues to outperform here and that reflects in both their core search and their Google network segment What has missed is the YouTube segment as well as the Google other where you have the App Store revenue So those were the two that missed Bloomberg intelligence analyst mandate Singh says suspending commercial activities from Russia also affected alphabet's earnings Meanwhile sales and earnings from Microsoft beat estimates Microsoft is up 5 and a half percent ahead of the opening Bill Facebook parent company met a reports today after the close Karen and Bloomberg intelligence says near term revenue growth could come in at the low end of expectations Nathan on Wall Street stocks begin the day at a 6 week low the S&P 500 lost 2.8% yesterday while the tank heavy NASDAQ slumped almost 4% While perhaps nobody was affected more by that sell off yesterday than the world's richest man and Bloomberg junior young joins us live with that story Good morning Rita Good morning Nathan Elon Musk's steak and Tesla tumbled by more than $32 billion after shares plunged by 12% yesterday But for the world's richest man this kind of volatility is not new Sharp declines of periodically hit Tesla's stock over the past two years and they've been offset by even larger gains However this time more is at stake since Musk is planning to buy out Twitter for $44 billion He can still afford it based off of Tuesday's closing price but now there's less wiggle room Meantime what if the deal falls through An SEC filing shows the Twitter Musk deal wouldn't include a $1 billion breakup fee if either side backs out Live in New York I'm ranita young Bloomberg daybreak Thank you Overseas European gas prices surged over 20% after Russia stopped natural gas flows to Poland and Bulgaria former ambassador to Ukraine John herb says it comes as Russia struggles to achieve its goals in Ukraine Russia is losing I think many smart people in Moscow understand this I am not sure that Putin understands this Former ambassador to Ukraine John.

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