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You had something else in the show open the caught my ear middleton mayor darren taylor is joined burner insane no to bullying it all want people boy and people and we'd like that to be prohibited and the penalty to be a citation city council requested the the city staff prepare a a law that would prevent anyone from boeing anyone else anywhere hm oh bummer i'm listening when idaho's anti bullying law was passed in two thousand and fifteen satistics showed that the suicide rate in idaho schools to be almost fifty percent above the national average enver beverley furner bullying and suicide are topics close to her heart the suicide rates in idaho of there too high she says it needs to stop as a city of middleton um we looked at bullying rates and where we're seeing more and more in high schools and junior highs and then that is correlating now with the suicide rates in our state but were making bullying we're making boeing a misdemeanor in middleton in middleton but there's already in idaho law that addresses boley idaho law already offers measures to curb bullying and saber bullying and schools but furner says it's still a bigger issue we did have some pushback ashley from law enforcement that said that they really didn't need this that still the controversial part do they really need it or do they not but furner says there are still areas to be fine tuned such as how officers choose which calls to answer in those are the questions we don't know yet but as for now she says the more important issue is planning it's a very viable and i think it would help our children and i think it would help our young adults.

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