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That's the secret taito this is this is it berkshire never gone the controversy because he spent all time thinking about how to keep his ask it's also just like a fun secret that you have we are self everyone you meet you look in the eye and you know that you're wearing jocks round of that is common alphabet yeah i'm talking myself it rejects wrapped their they're like silk it's like it's like sleeping naked in silk sheets you guys had no idea this is where the safe conversation what is crazy to know that like anyone who's a podcasts if you've ever met market share he probably had nothing covering his ass i still can't get out of my head that mark share walks around with a uh you know jockstrap that was asked lewis earth novik covering his ass that if you took a hard right turn in the last like 15 minutes yeah we thought you know what really opened up yet act up yeah to it takes a while to get to the to get to the middle of marketeers to keep up yeah but it's actually very easy to get there because he doesn't wear underwear yes so our next separated you are personal best of so you are choice my choice b theo epstein pfp i am going to put bill waldman there um our friend bill lawry one pure find talented yet uh he was just all over the map it a loved him loved every second and hank his area who's oh hey i like it hank his area because he was one of those interviews that um i enjoy doing where the person might not be known for being an athlete or being in sports so we get to talk to him a little bit about sports as a fan but also like they're weird pass that they've had all the interesting shit that he's done in being part of simpson's was was really awesome for me to actually.

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