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Mickey Briggs from the wreck. So u S A W B A P 24 7 news Death. I say, surely dot com W B A P first traffic and weather on the ones way to have a closure due to a wreck on LBJ Freeway. It's on the eastbound side between Jupiter Rodent, Garland also road construction, tying up the right lane on I 30 westbound between Broadway Beltline and the Galloway Avenue. This'd w F a meteorologist Khalidi Anika. Look at your forecast is we go into the overnight hours tonight? Temperatures are going to begin to fall is that cold air starts to filter in here. It's going to drop into the upper thirties to right around 40 degrees across North Texas, and then we'll warm up on Tuesday. Not quite his warmest today for most of us, the temperature stopping right around the upper forties toe lower fifties. We're going to see more cold air filtering here toward the end of the week. Some of the coldest air we've seen so far this season by Valentine's Day right now, 40 degrees to DFW Airport. Lawmakers on the House Ways and Means Committee or proposing an additional 1400 in direct payments to individuals bolstered, um, unemployment benefits and also more generous tax breaks For families with kids. The panel is unveiling its bill is Congress starts piecing together a 1.9 trillion covert 19 relief package. Plans. 1400 proposed amount, along with the $600 recently set out comes to the total of 2000 former president Trump had called for before he left.

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