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I mean, we we have we have locked so work with them as on. And that's you know, it is a futuristic way of managing access for services to the home. I mean, Amazon certainly has the cameras that has ability to do the vision processing, if anybody was to introduce that you know, I think it could be them Google is well, though, I mean, Google is suspending effort there. And I think I think the nest cameras were the first to basically tell you all your family members when they're when they're in. In the house. So it's funny you bake one specific category of things do you feel like it's harder or different to work with each of these providers in that category. 'cause you don't have the full suite of products you when you when Ghulam see you or Amazon come see your apple come see, you do you think this is what we wanna do? We can push back on them and make them work the way, we want to or is it do they tell you what to do. And it's different. You have to negotiate it we like dealer, and I just some time with the senate's people. We like we're watch leeann Google assistant, which is delayed. It was just like very obvious that the stuff Amazon one and them to in the stuff, Google one. It was like different. Do you do you perceive that as well on the lock side? I mean, we we actually worked with each of the three companies to define the lock profile for their platform. So we were the first smart lock on all three. So because you're the first you get to work with them, and it's very friendly. And and it's been a great relationship. You know, I will mention something I I haven't I haven't mentioned publicly before working with apple with. Home kit course, apple would like to see us at home kit capability or cameras. Well, that's a whole different level of complexity and business challenges the locks don't have. So it's been a great relationship with them on locks in cameras has been a little more of a challenge. It's more challenging cameras one of the one of the great things about home. Could. Of course, is that is it things work locally..

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