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Just so I can save. My source was published in the journal current Biology. Which I've gotta have my medical dictionary right at my hand to look up so much of this stuff, okay, But this particular story caught my attention. Dart mouth colleges who Did the study and published it, But yeah, they just again. We've kind of we've had other studies that have said this, but, um, that gossip is actually helping people learn now. Not only is it good for us to do, but it's helping people learn, and it's helping people form social bonds. Okay. I believe that And like small town gossip, er, just gossip. Basically, gossip. Get C The band. Bad rap is always like that. It's you're talking about people behind their back, and a bad manner could be positive. That is absolutely correct. 14% of People's Daily Conversations classifies gossip, but most of it is neutral in tone. It's just sharing information. That's right. It's sharing them Formacion, it zah way that we communicate. It's away. We find places to bond with somebody on And it's Helps us learn to the experience of others. Somebody can be gossiping about a situation and you go. Oh, my gosh, I gotta tell my kids that are so And so that so that we don't do that. I mean, even me when I the gossip when your son moved to a city neighborhood, and I said remind him to not be looking down at his phone would be paying attention when he's walking in and out of his building. That's something as a suburban kid. You might not think about it if your city kid You know? You. I didn't share aware, you know, kind of a thing anyway, So it's just a way of just doing something so again again. Good news for gossip. It's good for. Yeah, it's gas. It is not a bad word. But when you do malicious gossip like I'll give you an example of malicious Gossip that was on the Real Housewives of New Jersey the very first episode of this new season. Okay, there's a birthday party for this girl's husband, Jackie's husband Check and Theresa comes in and starts blabbing to the girls in kind of a loud tone of voice. Did she hears at the gym that Jackie says been whom they're all there for his birthday party that he's that he is banging a bunch of women at the at the club. That's malicious guts. That is malicious gossip that is meant to stir the pot 100% there, okay? Erica, thanks to covert two and three Americans say they could no longer tolerate crowds. Oh, gosh. Well, this is gonna be nice for us Coast. Stay home, then. Yeah, A survey of 2000 Americans reveal 65% can't salary crowds and will do everything in their power to avoid standing in lines, especially at the airport. Well, they're gonna have to get used to this other, right? Uh, Had seven out of 10 say they're better us having less direct contact with other people. Oh, dear. I think maybe this is people are just gonna It's gonna be an adjustment for some people to come out of there. Come over Chelsea. I think so. Their covert shells. That's where you put it. Josie Covert Show became like Let's say you how many days out are you but We are 8 30 Ft against counters. Let's say there was a show it first to have this Friday. I totally get go, 100%. I would. Yes, it's sold out you go. Yeah. Okay, so I'm not sure I would. Well, there you go. You're my Shelly than I am. Yeah. You've got a harder shell. Yeah. You've got a deeper camp. Yeah. I mean, G b Laden is that Minnesota Music Cafe on Friday night. I'm totally going. I've been there like three times. I feel safe. I I'm in my sexy jailer said Yeah. Is he willing to go? He's willing that I could go too Well, she's fully vaccine to make reservations. Okay. Now here's another one. This is ah! This was investigating pop culture habits in the time of covert. But now Americans are twice as likely did listen to social media or their favorite. Radio shows for TV recommendations than experts. Or, um, things like that. Someone that you relate to. You know what they like. You know what they don't like. I believe what? I still don't like rotten tomatoes. Would you know? Would you listen to what people on social media have to say about versus right tomatoes, haven't you? I run tomatoes guy. I like to look at what the top critics say. Yeah, and you look at what the people say. Do you find that it's not as much Okay? I look at Neil. Just I look at her critics. Yes, and I look at Chris. You would I like to see what they say, because I trust their judgment, but we know them. Yeah. All right. Well, that's listen. Social media. Is that everything? Yeah, Okay, I'll take a break. People pick up a newspaper Picture magazine on the radio. I mean, Yeah, I know how it does everything you know there was life before. I don't know. Yeah, I hear what you're saying. You're just seeing how much I can't stand it, I guess is expressing Oh, here's a study of the fit, Get fitter. Women and healthier people burn fat better when exercising. I mean, then what standing Still exactly that that is at issue of the study study of Doug This is from the University of Bath and the United Kingdom. I've been there. That is a lovely Oh, my gosh. Was very loved it. That was my safety school. Itwas ST Thomas. But University of Bath was my backup. Did you ever have you ever been there? Just Oh, no. You went to Italy and studied abroad. I did, but I was Saint Thomas. I know you did. But, yeah, I've never been to Buffalo bosses. How did you find talents that will build and I went. Oh, said the rose. Carmen time and we had our little more easily by rental car. You help. Okay? We stayed with what were their names. Oh, God at their at their castle. In London. Oh, gosh, in the men kicked us out because they weren't it supports, right? No. Damn it. I can't remember. I know what you're talking about. Is just one of those. Yes, just a charming area. Everything about it and the cheese sweating, and you just would drive around to a little in like something out of the movies out of the movie. Yeah, really uneven..

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