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I'm Keith Johnson and, I marry him so been for. Chris Kreider l. these are the top stories on the WBZ afternoon news update prosecutors here preparing charges in a shooting left a prominent attorney did mayor emanuel's reported plan to shore up Chicago's pensions is becoming, an issue in his reelection race faking passersby thrown. Into lifesavers with a, car burst into flames at a suburban. Gas stations and the next Chicago marathon will become rush hour thanks to one well known, comedian, WBZ for this. Is Colonel roquan Smith has signed, his contract and has reported to the bears brewers lead the cubs six nothing. Eighth inning Joel Madden jetted from the game White Sox. And Tigers in Detroit tonight WBZ and business on the markets today the Dow closed up one hundred twelve. Points NASDAQ up fifty one s&p up eighteen WBZ news time. Three thirty one and topic on news at the half. Hour the effort to find out Charges against a Winnetka man who police say shot. And killed a providence attorney and his. Northfield home last night of Bernie to forty over. The seventy two year old. Stephen Shapiro. Was senior member and founder of the. Supreme court and appellate practice at the prominent law firm of mayor Brown he had. Served as deputy solicitor, general in the Reagan administration Northfield. Police say that last night at seven nineteen Shapiro was shot in his home in the two hundred block of Latrobe what's being called a domestic incident the suspect fled the his home on tower road and, in about three hours later he was arrested the. Firm says it is, shocked and saddened by Shapiro's death Bernie. To foia NewsRadio on one five point nine FM the trial for two men accused in, the, shooting death of. Chicago teenager Heidi Pendleton continues this, hour separate juries are hearing the cases against Michael ward and Kenneth Williams prosecutors. Say the fifteen year old was killed in a botched. Attempt at gang retaliation in two thousand thirteen defense lawyers are pointing to what they say is a lack. Of physical evidence Pendleton was Killed just days. After she performed with her high school band at then President Barack Obama's inaugural festivities what are the candidates for mayor of Chicago says Ottoman should hold special hearings on a ten billion dollar. Bond proposal he says the humane administration is trying to push through challenger Paul Dallas says mayor emanuel's financial team is considering. A ten billion dollar pension obligation bond deal essentially borrowing back. By city revenues Bala says it's risky because the city is running out of things to back such deal what you're doing is you're going to in effect, have a city budget were the overwhelming vast majority. Of your revenues has dedicated the, bondholders and when. Things go south we hit a recession if we hit when, there's an economic downturn the impact can be catastrophic with Merrill spokesman Adam Collins says Paul Vallas at Chicago's finances on fire when. He ran the. Budget office in the schools and asking him for advice on, pensions would be like asking an arsonist to put out his own fire he says the financial team. Studying every sound option to. Save tax payers money and strengthen pension funds at city hall Craig Delamore. NewsRadio one Five point nine FM a dramatic scene unfolded yesterday at a Palestine gas station inhabited. The Mobil gas station in northwest highway in Palatine, road in Palatine yesterday afternoon longtime Clark Shaquille Augmon tells the daily. Herald husband, and wife had just paid cash inside for Philip. When, we're driving, away when they suddenly hit a dual pump and it blew up in a. Ball of fire he says another. Customer pulled the couple from their burning car no word on their condition damage estimate about. Fifty thousand dollars that Cassidy NewsRadio one point nine, FM authorities say the firefighter killed while, trying to contain a wildfire in northern California was a veteran battalion chief who, leaves behind a wife and a six year old son forty two, year old Matthew Burchett was on loan from. The fire department and Salt Lake City the suburb of. Draper city try walkers cities mayor this is a very difficult time for the Draper city fire department are Draper city staff and all firefighters still fighting wildfires. In California authorities say virtue was killed by a falling tree while fighting, the so-called Mendocino complex fire lawyers for former, Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort rested their case in his tax evasion and fraud trial without calling, a single. Witness metaphor himself chose not to take the stand answering no sir when the judge asked if he wished to testify in his defence the decision not to call any defense witnesses clears the path for. Jurors to, hear closing arguments tomorrow morning manafort's accused of hiding, millions of dollars in income. Received from advising Ukrainian politicians the former Trump campaign chairman lawyers, blamed financial wrongdoing, on his former assistant Rick gates who cut a plea deal and was the government's star witness the judge today rejected a defense motion to dismiss the case on grounds prosecutors did not. Meet their burden of proof saga megani at the White House comedian and. Actor Kevin Hart has become almost as well known. For his workout routine is his standup routine down. He's bringing his fitness journey, to Chicago last night he. Told his fans on Facebook that. He ran his first marathon in New York last year but he's not satisfied with how he did didn't like four, hours No that's not good. Enough for me I need more I want more so I am, running the Bank of America Chicago marathon the goal is to do my best. Time and the dorm best, time, there the new goal will be to, do five marathons until Chicago marathon is October seventh executives at Disney are. Facing backlash over the casting of its first openly gay major film character. The.

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