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For united airlines over the forced removal of a passenger last spring it happened donny united flight at chicago's o'hare airport yeah david gower's physically dragged off the plane after refusing to give up his seat on the overlook flight the airline said it needed roofer for employee through a traveling to staff a flight the following morning but federal officials deciding could not punish united could appropriate transportation saying it found no evidence that united violated the passenger civil rights and nodded now the evidence had violated rules regarding bumping passengers lease selling sarah fox news lucky dealt settled a lawsuit against united out of court the terms not disclosed publicly california's parole board has voted to release leslie van houten she serving a life sentence were two of the socalled bentsen federally murders but van houten who is now sixty eight may not actually walked free california's governor jerry brown has the authority to overrule the parole board's decision which he did last year will the board also recommended van houten's release the pilot who died in tuesday's crash of an x f sixteen fighter jet in eastern arizona now identified as in iraqi pilot stage now set for an allamerican women's semifinal at the us tennis open for the first time since 1985 it will be four american women competing for the grand slam title in their home country medicine keys and coco vandeweghe both advancing to the semifinals wednesday in straightsets victories he's after defeating hike can epi currently now impending now hasn't been very long but i mean it means the world's me banda way stunning topseed careless gova in an upset making way for gardini mu grew to become the new world number one on the women's side kees van the way venus williams sloan stevens now the allamerican semi on the men's side topseed ravi on the dull advances matt napolitano fox news at i jack kellyanne fox news radio every wednesday morning at eight am joy mrs willie jones and women for progress of mississippi for the working woman report this show is designed to illuminate the work of women throughout mississippi and the goal is to provide dialogue that will introduce economic and business opportunities for all women working woman report now from mediums will 90 m a new soccer levin 88 liam and ninety six point nine him wjm tv join the conversation by calling six a one three six six eleven.

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