Darren Glass, Jake Brennan, Robin Raven Peterson discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Iheartradio Dita west now here to present our first ever iheartradio podcast award is the writer host and producer of the streets. Laid Jake Brennan. Very good giving up for iheartradio for putting this on first podcast award show. Awesome podcast. Broadcasting underground command post. Hidden bunker, somewhere Caesar all fascinated by crime. Who did it why they do it how they get away with it? Or did they get away with it? Perhaps. It's the need for those answers that draws us in or maybe it's about why understand what goes through the mind of a criminal. But no matter what type of crime when it occurred or who's involved there's always questions and motives the nominees in this category examined stories that made headlines as well. As those that didn't and not surprisingly, either listeners remain captivated. Let's take a look at the contenders for the iheartradio award for best crime podcast. Atlanta monster September fourteenth, nineteen eighty Darren glass went missing vanished. I want to trust him. But boy things are starting to chip away here criminal Abbas only in about waist deep water. I instantly knew that it was a shark crime town, but Robin raven Peterson accused of second degree murder is so charged because of the excellent work by some of his colleagues here with a scientific laboratory dirtyjohn, we're looking at each other like is this guy for real. Hey, she's just really overdoing it and the dark tunnel. The iheartradio award for best crime podcast goes to up and vanish. This is awesome. First.

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