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A new story from As Me with Sinéad


Move I think that that room has been floating around long time I'm grateful I am for the position that I'm in and I try to with me what do you think most surprising we've used the kindness a lot in this kindness I think people will be surprised with how with some pretty influential and slightly writing and your ability thank you are an it feels sincere and I think that ability that we can make based on both understanding and having a desire to be both empathetic and kind can you I mean I'm just putting it out many bulls which is an obscene I burlington Bertie with Anita Harris and Ron Moody nobody away what's the part you're doing fine hair do you know I was so desperate to saying those kind things it's not nice enough to say if I didn't mean it complains about the the attention and the negative things that people have said trying to give people enough of yourself that it's sincere and you make an authentic connection and it's about recognizing that people are interested in the kids they've take the kids on the picture of course David Twenty to take his on the pitch but I think well but you know I think it's a fine line and again you know social media is Victoria the person or Victoria Beckham the brunt after every show because I'm proud of me I'm proud of my tame it's been quite strict with the kids and we've always been very present as well let yourself in for two funny thing when she got really into spice world and I started vice does she pulled them out one by one she was so thrilled in a pop group along and that Joe has been sitting they enjoyed it and you know I love what you're doing it meant so much for me to have you good fun and thank you for asking me to do it it's always incredibly flattering when anybody who was allowed to buy one thing chose to buy something with your face on it I'm not sure eight year old me would have believed it so thank you so thank you so much and thank you one.

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A new story from As Me with Sinéad

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