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This one is four calling and it is from Abigail. Who Says Dear Colin? This message is coming at. Ya via wonderful because that's exactly what you are. Life has been insane these past two years and I wouldn't have been able to face it with anyone else. You are the Griffin my Rachel Berry to my loop and the SAM to my Frodo. I love you so much. Let's go watch that Jonathan frakes video again now. Which one is that he do. You know who Dr Anne frakes was no. He was commander Reicher on Star Trek the next generation but he also is the host of Osh. It was that show unexplained mysteries. Oh God if show you a picture of this man sitting at a table looking at like a skull or old thome with a magnifying glass and also there's fog behind him you'll be like. Oh that there is a Jonathan frakes. He sits in the chair funny. Does he turn around and sit backwards? No throws his leg over it when he goes to sit down and he's star Trek Man. Who Does that? He has had a beard on fuck beyond beyond belief beyond police factor fictional. Jonathan frakes this Jonathan frakes. I'm talking about DC. Jonathan frakes. Oh you know I had a friend. Goes him for Halloween? One time not as commander Reicher Jonathan Commander Reicher the handsome man good looking do Jonathan. Frakes narrowly type okay. I'm more Griffin Macoris. That's good to hear and Got Aki lous while it's less good to hear carried the next message. It is four Adam. It is from Sherline Adam. These last ten years have been wonderful because of you. Thank you for being my rock. My foot warmer and my best friend building a life together with you is the best adventure I've ever been on. You're a good egg. Exo exo what do you think that they censored there at the end? Oh wait hugs and kisses. Yeah you know what I was looking for my notes because I had filled my computer with Jonathan frakes and so my mind didn't really put that together and I thought that was like a cuss data. I thought it was like a cuss word or the symbols. And I don't now I don't know a lot of people use for and kisses grip. Yeah I get it now mission.

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