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Yeah all right so no experience online and it was your first internet business you ever started obviously so how long have you guys been selling on amazon's obviously it takes time to get your store when did your store actually go live let's keep bro april of of they look to you wow so it's only been eleven months then has been even a full year yet and what is your guys total revenue on amazon right now status chat word or six thousand month but what have you guys done like since april till today march first what is your guys total revenue on it on eva's on unpack the question see parts because last year with birth inventory there's a lot of you know there's a lot of issues with getting the product right so and there was a lot of had to be given away it not only the reviews if the sales rank in the adrian start interacting more ganic sales so the gross revenue from last year necessarily reflect on what it's doing now that we have traction like angst but i think we did about forty thousand hodel from april to december thirty first of last year and now we're doing forty thousand per month as of two thousand eighteen with we expand excise got a product branding enhance brand content really had some you know for some ads it's difference onset campaign so it was really kind of like a light switch moment that happened for us i don't know if you've experienced other students having that similar situation.

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