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Five WDBO. Go ahead and kick into some headlines. Let's do that. And now all of the news. You would probably miss it's time for data's quickfire. Well, well, well, so we're gonna talk about this in a little bit of judge rules that cops in the schools had no duty to protect students in a parkland lawsuit. This echoes Gonzalez's via Castlerock, which stated that police don't have the legal obligation to defend or protect your life. Federal judge yesterday ruled that Broward County schools in the sheriff's office. We're not legally obligated to protect her shield students in the shooting that occurred at Margaret's Sherman Douglas high school that was what I mean. That's what they were going for. But the judge sided with Scott Peterson one of the defendants who were saying essentially that he didn't really there wasn't really his responsibility. Wow. I don't know if they're going to appeal that are what? But that seems. Wow. I mean, see this is why good people want to empower themselves to carry because we're always told by the anti-gun folks that well, you don't need a gun because law enforcement, protect your life. Really? California utilities panel, Kansas. The tech the text tax vote after the after FC that they were going to vote on for FCC, the California Public utilities commission announced it is canceling its text tax, which is to say after the FCC said that you're you're literally texting information distribution. That's what you're doing. They said that at that. She had a December twelfth ruling saying that texting isn't information of telecommunications service. Yeah. Also, Egypt unearthed, the tomb of an ancient Greece very exceptionally well preserved I mean by well preserved all the stuff on the wall has the original coloring on it and everything like all the colors were preserved everything.

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