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Have named a suspect in the Christmas Day bombing in Nashville and confirmed that he did die in the blast. Anthony Warner's psychiatric and medical histories are under review as authorities work to determine what motivated the 63 year old to detonate his RV Christmas morning and why he parked it in front of an 18 T building. We're told the Harvard of paranoia about five g cellular technology, but he was apparently paranoid about a lot of things. He recently started giving away possessions, including the title to his house, but he kept his RV rigged it with explosives, a warning message and Oppa Tula Clark song that stopped playing before the RV exploded in a ball of flame. Aaron Carter Ski ABC News Murder cases are on the rise in South Florida, The Miami Herald running the numbers they found. Officials recorded 272 homicides in the county through December 24th. That's more than 31 cases from all of last year. The homicide numbers are already beloved below above levels recorded in 2015 and 2017. Police are investigating a deadly car crash that happened this morning in Lauderhill. The crash happened in the area of Northwest 16th Street and US 4 41 this morning. So far the identity of the driver has not been released. In Rockford, Illinois. Police say Duke Webby 37 year old Green Berets stationed at Eglin Air Force Base in the Florida Panhandle, went on a shooting spree inside a bowling alley Saturday night. We believe that this is a completely random act. And there is no prior meeting or any kind of relationship between the suspect and any of the victims in this case that the rock for police chief Dan.

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