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And start reliving from high heart radio try it for free now this is willie nelson these days we all know people all around us that are having some hard times losing a job or losing a home and we hear about how many have to move just to look for work it's terrible to lose your home for many they're also losing a beloved family member a pet their dog these dogs don't understand what's happening to them fortunately there are wonderful people who do the people and the rescue clubs of the american kennel club the largest network of rescue groups and volunteers throughout america and they rescue all kinds of dogs not just purebreds this good people and the akc find forever homes for all kinds of breeds and it gives people one less thing to worry about knowing that their pets are going to caring home find out more go to akc dot org slash rescue groups no matter how hard times get remember how good dogs make us feel they love us rich report this return that love but making sure they have a place to stay forever this is willie nelson thank you akc everybody buckle up vocal store everybody buckle up goes on in the car but you're in control so only move when you hear the click that says they're buckled they never give up until they buckle up learn more at safercar dot gov slash kids buckle up a message from the national highway traffic safety administration.

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