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Dripping in through the top deaf. Lawrence is top wins have dropped a little but she's coming back stronger Silla category. Four. Four storm Daniel Browns with the National Hurricane Center. Intensity has leveled doll since it rapidly strengthened yesterday but conditions are favorable for some additional strengthening over the next couple of days. It's expected to remain a very powerful hurricane as it approaches, the US east coast, and we have some search and rescue tubes. From socal headed the Carolinas has confessed jury in Brooklyn. And here is John Baird. The concern is that once hurricane Florence's overland. Even if it loses its hurricane designation. It could be dumping rain. Heavy rain over the same area for days. Now just a short time ago, a sixteen person swiftwater rescue team left this building here in bitcoin heading to Raleigh, North Carolina. Gustav Medina's an inspector with LA county fiery says, this is a dangerous job being able to rescue you out of helicopters being able to use inflatable rescue boats being able to use personal watercraft such as jetskis. So it is it's difficult to do. Rescues out of water. The crew took four boats with them equipment for themselves, plus food, water and medical supplies enough supplies to be self sufficient for seventy two hours, and they're not the only ones heading east. The LA fire department is sending a team and members of the Orange County urban search and rescue task force are sending crews and equipment to Virginia. Reporting live in Fukushima, John bear, KNX, ten seventy NewsRadio thirty-three add KNX. It is nine eleven being remembered with special events around southern California today, including two public memorials in front of fire station number one in Beverly Hills, Orange County Fire authority stations in lake forest. Also gonna hold ceremonies at fire stations across the city at nine o'clock, this moving in New York City, of course, marking the anniversary and the president's headed to the nine eleven memorial in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. You'll be making some remarks probably within the hour. FBI director Christopher Wray says the danger of terrorism still here, I think the threat today's terrorism thread still. Includes sleeper cells, Al Qaeda, all the kind of major terrorist organizations.

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