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You could subscribe rate review ESPN app, apple podcasts. Mike, you know. We don't do previews around here. We don't preview games. We don't preview weekends. We just like gambling and having fun. But I feel like we've all been waiting around for Monday night's game. And I feel like we should review. It's art previous start tailgating right now for Rams cheap the Monday night game. I thought you were talking about the best defense in the history of college football. I'm talking about the Colgate raiders getting eleven points against army. This is not hyperbole. This is the greatest defense in the history of college football. It is a travesty that the Colgate raiders are not ranked. They should absolutely be ranked initially get honestly, frankly consideration for the final four. I love the toothpaste as well. Army is good this year and on top of that they run the option don't they don't they? Yeah. They they run the option and they had no chance against the Colgate. Raiders. That defense and the defensive line from Colgate. And you just switch the uniforms. You'll you say like I can't tell who who supposed to be which team. All right. So have you might possibly be told you very strongly Colgate? Colgate on the money line. Here's Wilson have a chance against Colgate. Plaque and tartar my God. Wow. What? We what? Judgment skewed. He's he's on Tim Colgate. I've never been in the studio with you. It is remarkable which part of it to you like so much that it's real that all of the all of it. What you amazed by here. Mostly like, the part where it takes the heat off of me for being terrible at the mechanics of doing like you and me in the studio together against the clock. That's like the Cavs with to JR this. I don't know how this end, you know, what's what's funny about this twice to God's said. The other day of Meena and others around here that we have to have the smartest dumb people in the world because this is what actually happened the other day. We were trying to get Cody on the clock. And there were two options at the end of an hour. We were trying to clip him on the clock. And the choices were Meena and my father, and I didn't know who'd be more encompass should put it on the poll because I think dumbest smart people is actually more appropriate. And also the Monday night football game is okay. All right. Yeah. Who else is dumb? Smart. I actually that's what I actually meant. What I meant was that smart people who behave dumb. Someone thrown stones from a glass house on. Let's go ahead and get the grim reaper out here. We've lost our chance because Mike was talking Colgate to preview Rams chiefs greatest defendant college football. No one's ever talking about them twelve points in the last how many games eight games the last eight games they've given up twelve points combined. They're running the patriot league, folks. They can't be voted into the top twenty five don't be beholden to the fact that they're playing in the AFC s don't be don't be a drone. How did Colgate do this season against their archrival crest? Games you could have gone with are they going to do a victory. Probably should've subtle for me to hit it over the head. Let's go ahead and. Oh. You too both go sit out there..

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