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School is almost here so my mom takes me a Walgreens for great deals on all my school favorites like this week in this conserve gas tax only four ninety nine and select varieties of paper me and should be writing utensils are just forty nine cents I love reading enjoying what he's makes it easy for my mom to find everything she needs and great prices with your card through August twenty fourth quantities are limited Walgreens trusted since nineteen oh one when there's trouble brewing in the go WWL radio is your life line thank you for everything that you all are doing a Debbie Debbie L. to keep all your listeners informed of what's going on because the information accurate information is critically important we are partnering getting this information out and without you I know we wouldn't be reaching the people that we are so we thank you Hey I just wanted to say thank you guys are reading you do my frustration is watching My Baby be scared for W. W. E. L. ease her mom because mommy doesn't know about the weather but you guys can't get internet where you live floor does your current provider keep raising the rates on limited high speed satellite internet is now available in your area for as little as thirty nine ninety nine per month guaranteed for twelve months from locally owned and operated vision quest communications visit get fast wifi dot net for high speed satellite internet right now no matter where your house camp for property is located you can get high speed satellite internet for as little as thirty nine ninety nine a month plus taxes visit get fast wifi dot net for more details did you know there are over a thousand podcasts on radio dot com download the app or had to radio dot com to listen to all your favorite national and local podcasts including your favorite morning shows and radio shows on demand at the top yep homepage click the podcast icon to discover new show subscribe in manager podcast subscriptions go to your apps store radio dot com slash download for all your podcasts listening radio dot com tonight on sixty minutes sixty minutes the centerpiece of major broadcast on world events sixty minutes gives you the biggest headlines and best storytelling on TV and now on your schedule president.

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