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Right. Well that is around the world. Alien. I saying they're like, hey, do you wanna pizza? They're like. Yeah. Let me get a pizza. Let me get an extra large of deep dish. And they're like there's no sizes. It's just a pie like you. Order a pizza whatever, you know. There's no small medium, large extra large. I got ten. I got ten people with me science. Hey, it's it's comfortable weekend size. No. It's just pizza by. They don't do sauce like you thought. And also this Joe get this. There's no such thing as pepperoni that doesn't exist. There's no such thing as I did. I didn't stutter that's a creation. I've never felt more American in my life than sitting in Rome sitting here going. You guys have pepperoni, and they just off smack there for his I keep skies got to be kidding me. And then they said someone Italian. I don't know I needed to translate. I should have Alexa. What did he say? And because they're like do there's no Veroni there. Are there is what is it shed? I believe or there's different types of Salamis. And but there's no pepperoni. That's an American made thing, man. So I was in barest as I had to hit a scientists plan. Let me get the sausage. I had to kind of play it on. So now that now that we would over the foods of the world. And we get I guess those ought to really be peace things that I just mentioned. Yeah. This really be. But you wanna talk about the MVP. Yeah. We got one minute. Oh, we that's all we need that's pem homes period. No, drew Brees. No offense. Make your eyebrows. People are saying. It's not a lifetime achievement award. Like, I understand that drew Brees. Everyone wants drew Brees to get it. But before this last Pittsburgh game kill me. We always get on and more civil suit come on. He loves to talk about Dak Prescott camped over two hundred yards man before the Pittsburgh game. Drew Brees one seventy one one twenty five two zero one two three six s downs four interceptions. Those are MVP number. I been screaming Pat, Mahomes this whole time. I'm like drew Brees bigger name. Yes. The team is a better record. And all that, ma'am. Pat, Mahomes, what he's doing his on president except for two guys and Tom Brady and paid manning. And he's doing in his first year as a start exactly is. So he and he has a team that you know, after Alex Smith going, I don't know maybe it'll be a step back as they grow with this young. And not only that he's playing a game because they can't play defense. And even when they lose the one because of him, it's men clearly I want to argue with you. But as I was hoping you'd be tradit-. This this. I drew Brees. That's not the case. Not at all another quarterback. We gotta talk about Baker staring Donald coaches is he good for the league. Does you want him as a face of the NFL would discuss it next, Fox Sports radio? Imagine the home you've always known sinking into oblivion save community of our way of life Virginia island population. Four hundred sixty is being swallowed by the Chesapeake Bay the first full fledged town that's probably going to get lost to sea level rise and America hand disaster.

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