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Be on sale as well starting at six ninety nine so this is going to be like i said starting friday you might wanna head over to xbox dot com. Look through this if you're if you hold off on buying you know whatever games This might be the opportunity so ready to unload thirty five bucks a month series x and the game pass. Oh yeah. I remember that i remember that and I was too. I was ready ready chris. If we'll have chris kappa sell on again this christmas. And we'll be saying. When will we be able to get the series x twenty twenty four coming up so i am. I am actually very interested in your app. Pick of the week. Because i been everywhere and i want to try it and i wanna know what you think vulgarity. Four so before. Yeah so before getting into the details of the new version of wanna say is sort of a general statement about browsers. i think about web browsers. Lada experiment with red browsers a lot alike. Where brave is heading in particular We're vivaldi lands is chromium based web browser Cross platform is so far been focused. Mostly i would say on personalization and it is crazy how much you can personalize in this browser like. It's it's too much like to do all this to start using it. It's it in for me like i. We just talked about. I think we talked about this earlier. This notion that the browser needs to get out of the way and it should be minimalist and safaris. Doing a pretty good job at that now. So what the opposite. Yeah it is literally the opposite but one of the things they did in version four point. Oh is they have let me just find it. I want to find the right language for this Well i see. Can i find this three. Yeah through layouts. I'm sorry so they call them default layouts so one of the first screens you see when you install the browser is a new. It's a new screen to choosing the layouts. Yeah that's where. I gave mental. Yeah well okay. So the old days before this version the middle which they now call is. This looks like loaded you. I right what they're doing. Now is they have an essentials which is like a cutback ui. It provides like the do not track stuff. The ad and tracker blockers the new translation feature which is new to four point. Oh joel mentioned the second classic ads the panels which is the stuff where he starts to get busy for me and status bar and then something called fast forward and rewind and then they have a fully loaded thing which is hilarious. So it's kinda like the double stack. I guess and this adds the new Built in applications for mail calendar and feeds right now. I'm really interested in that stuff. So they're all. Yeah so they're pushing a couple of things here is the is the browser that can do everything. It's super personalized person. Personal personal person is la bible. That's the weird way And but now they're pushing also the privacy stuff which let's face it. Everyone's pushing privacy now right so the interesting thing about all the new features in those new features include again that translation thing. I briefly mentioned in the mail. Calendar and feeds apps is that these things are all built in a privacy friendly fashion. So they're all kind of separated from the internet there You know they're isolated standalone things. Don't go up to the cloud in most cases unless you want them to In that depends on the And it's that they literally have. This quota says being translations out of the reach of companies like google or microsoft like your translation activities for your eyes only obviously when you browse the web. You hit like a a a website as in a different language auto translations awesome. You don't need extensions anymore. Most browsers don't have something built in for that It's kind of a core feature. But when you use that with microsoft google you know. Obviously you're sharing data with the cloud and this is one of those like on device type features. I'm interested in. Have you plan that sort of thinking to mail. Calendar and rss slash atom feeds Interesting you know. This is interesting to the problem for me is to get those apps you have to enable that sidebar and it's built into the browser the aren't standalone apps. So it's just it's like the browsers just getting bigger. And i guess realistically i use edge today and i have some pinned tabs and two of the things. I pen are my mail in my calendar. So what's the difference and that's a good question. So i'm trying. I'm experimenting with us right now. I i'm i'm very interested in this. I think chromium compatibility is key just for working with the web. I've been a little put off by how busy the ui is in the past with But the thing. I want what i want with. This thing is the essentially out but then i want those like mail and calendar and feed to be separate apps. And they're not they're built into the so it's still interesting but it's I don't know you know when you think about web browsers. Vivaldi is somewhere between opera. And tour or something. I don't know there's a lot like opera because of course it's by former. Ceo of opera. Yon tickner it's opera. It mean it's basically become opera. Yeah Engine opera had its own engine. So yeah go. I mean percents switched to chromium to as And but again. I think the big thing with phil i when they if you go back and look at their earliest stuff their whole deal was this is the browser. The way you want it. And they really pushed personalization. That's a big thing you know it's I'm sure they have rounded rectangles mode And in theory really fast. Because it's the google engine could use edge and get the same benefit so i don't know well. Every browser has whatever differentiate in some of those are more meaningful than others. I don't know. But so i wanted to mention before we move onto mary. Jo foley a part of this Segment that we are going to cover that microsoft gaming event this sunday even though ten. Am sunday and pacific. Time is a weird time to do and when he three is right so it would have been there three thing. He three starts. Yeah so it must be. It's a virtual thing so we are going to do it but we're going to do it. A little different because i have the radio show at eleven so we will only be able to do the. I'll be there for the first hour but we're going to open it up in the discord so if you're a member of club twit will have in the discord. We'll have a live feed. I twenty five people in there will be on video. We'll show this stream and then we can all like everybody who's in there can talk about it so it's going to be a i think it's be interesting be kind of an open. commentary For everybody because i know there are a lot of gamers and Who are very interested in this. It's going to be very interesting. I'm curious what they're going to have to say so Join us if you are in a club. Twit you can just join us in the discord around. Ten am pacific on sunday and Pop into the video and you'll be there if if you can't be their sunday morning We also put it out on the trip plus plus feet so you can watch after the fact and just a test. we'll see how it How it works out if you're not a member of club twit or you wanna know what it is. It's a seven dollars a month. I had free versions of this show in all of our shows you also get access to our private discord server. Which is a lot of fun about three thousand people in there now and it's just great You also get the twit plus feed which is stuff that didn't make it to the podcast like this Find out more at twitter dot tv slash club.

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