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Looking at it were all in and around morale was at the time of her death. Police say Morales did not live in the complex. But was there often to visit her boyfriend who police are talking to a Michigan family returning from a trip to Florida was killed in a wrong way. Crash in Kentucky. Police say osaman Rena Abbass were driving northbound on I seventy five in Kentucky with their three children. When a pickup truck travelling southbound hit their SUV head on investigators say they believe the driver of the pickup truck Lee, Bailey was under the influence Osama bosses. Great uncle Hassan. Abbass says the death. Are a loss for the community. Anybody can hit about this tragedy. Is gonna feel all five members of the family and Bailey were killed in that crash. Darrell Moody, News ninety six point five WDBO. You're listening to the seven am expanded newsfeed Omri, computer. We bring you fifteen straight minutes of news, weather and traffic with no commercials. The father of a student shot and killed in the parkland school massacre. It's been appointed to the state board of education. It will likely be one of Rick Scott's last appointments as governor the Senator elect appointing Andy Pollack to the state's board of Ed politics daughter meadow, was one of the seventeen victims of the Marjory stoneman Douglas shooting last Valentine's Day meadow in eighteen year old senior at the time was shot nine times and found in a closet Pollock who has met with President Trump several times told the south Florida sun sentinel, what he hopes to accomplish is accountability at the local level. Tony marino. News ninety six point five WDBO. Well, were you surprised by this after a weekend full of negotiations? No deal on that partial government shutdown. I'm Jamie Dupree in Washington. Once again, raising the possibility of going around congress to build a border wall. President Trump also wants more embraced the idea of not having a concrete wall. The partial shutdown is now in its third week has some eight hundred thousand federal workers may not get their regular paycheck this Friday, and the college football playoff national championship. Game will be on news ninety six point five WDBO. This evening will kickoff coverage at seven pm sharp. You can hear the game on the radio via our app or by telling Alexa, play news ninety six point five. WDBO TSA says they're going to phase out the pointy eared dogs at the airports because pointy eared dogs scared children. To the dogs is to be taught. So let's put a dog in there that looks so cute that a kid runs up and hugs it. Then here come the lawsuit. What could possibly.

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