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I'm your host Ed Valentine of Big Blue View in today's show we are going to be discussing the continuation of giants training camp as is the giants prepare for the two thousand in nineteen season. We will also have a special guest for you as we will be joined in a little bit by by a good friend of big blue view Dave t thomas who is a long-time n._F._l.. Scout Director of Scouting Services Mrs Inc and has done work at the N._F._l.. Draft Report. You've seen some of his work here at big blue view over the years as Dave has been kind enough to share some scouting reports with us. Some of his draft related information Dave t is always entertaining A. and Informative and I'm sure that you'll enjoy listening to him when we get to the interview that he and I recorded in just a little bit all right I though a a couple of thoughts on Tuesdays giants practice I was not in attendance today in East Rutherford but but sounded like Eli Manning had a nice day sounded like rookie quarterback. Daniel Jones had a little bump in the road today little bit up and down those things though are to be expected expected as the young man develops no big deal nothing to be alarmed about today at Big Blue View. You'll find stories on Eli Manning hang on what he said. When he met the media on Tuesday morning also a nice story on Dexter Lawrence he also met the media dexter of of course is playing defensive end seventeenth overall pick little bit surprising to some that he's being used as an end and not as a nose tackle that particular the topic is addressed in the story and also some information on how he's doing and how he's developing as a pass rusher speaking of pass rush rush? I also had an opportunity to speak with former Arizona cardinals edge rusher marcus golden who is now with the giants on a one one year prove it deal gold and told me that he is healthy looking forward to the two thousand in nineteen season and still believes that he can return to his two thousand and sixteen twelve and a half sack form now that he's another year removed from the surgery he had in two thousand thousand seventeen for the torn A._C._l.. that he suffered also wanted to mention those of you who listen to the podcast that Dan Poodle and Chris Phlegm have been doing here on Biglou view radio those of you who listen to that already know that that Dan is moving on from big blue view..

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