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It isn't open mic after all but also maybe there's something to be said for what's the implement that's in place at that point to make you feel like you shouldn't just walk out of this room because you're on the other of some line at this point that's the issue right it. It violates that code that should make you feel like you have space there. I don't know who cares at the end of the comedy now. I think that's i think that's good. I like i like that thinking i. I never got to a point where there are such large audiences. The most i've ever had was like a fifty person room so is always very small and it was always like all scenes. Which maybe that's why i felt comfortable. They're all of my male male comedy friends. Where like more sensitive than. I am like bigger feminists than i am so i was always lucky enough to be around people who are very protective of me and my like one gender obstacle insist. That would be the case. I've never done stand up lake in a place that i didn't feel safe and certainly know that there are more spots like that. I love that and and it's a reminder. I think a lot of all scenes actually. Just read this amazing article about how one of the first rooms was. When janine gafa started in a bookstore in l. a. and the list of names of people participating in some of them you wouldn't expect like colin. Quinn was a huge part of it and it makes you. I've gotten to know colin i. I love colin quinn. But it makes you realize all scenes. It's not always necessarily about a shared artistic mentality so much as a space of. Hey maybe the ten of us should break off and just create a rumor we can feel relaxed and then you do that and then of course that grows to become clicky in its own right and there's people in that room who feel like they're not being included and then she'll ray grab their ten friends and do that but right. That's why odd space is very often start is like it's not about a you and i share this creative vision. It's like you and i seem to be uncomfortable. We're going to get onstage. We seem to be the ones that are both consistently uncomfortable at these open. Mics we go to. Should we start our own open mic. And that's how it begins right and that's the beautiful thing who knows who knows we got to anyway. Iron man..

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