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State Governor Greg Abbott says the anti body treatment is being sent to 300 hospitals in the state of Texas. It takes about an hour to give it to patients recently infected. The state is due for another experimental anti body. Drug in the coming weeks. What we're toast of police and Wisconsin say they're working around the clock to identify and arrest the suspect from Friday's mall shooting. This man witnessed what happened. I saw lady come on a stretcher. It's your baby. My little Yeah, he did come out. He got shot twice in the leg. Thankfully, the words and now this, It's pretty by, you know, married, Dennis McBride told The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The FBI is helping now. With the investigation. The gunman wounded seven adults and one team. No one was killed. Thankfully, witnesses described the suspect as a white male in his twenties or early thirties. The Republican National Committee and the Michigan Republican Party are asking state officials not to certify the results of the presidential election. They sent a letter to the Michigan Board of State canvassers Saturday. Asking for a two week delay in the certification so they can do an audit of Wayne County. That county includes Detroit and a huge majority of Democratic votes. President elect Joe Biden defeated President Trump in that state. 154,000 votes. GOP Senate candidate John James joined the requests as well. They claim there were irregularities. James has not conceded he lost the Democrat incumbent Gary Peters and Space X is.

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