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The ball down the field they talk about Derek Carr ten passes of forty yards or more but how many were really forty yards or more I'd say eight of them were probably twenty yards or less and then they turned into forty yards or more because the runner or whoever it was the receiver took it that extra twenty to make it forty yards or more so I saw a Tandy although throws the ball forty yards or more several times including twice against the raiders in that win at the Coliseum I want to see car do that understood that if you don't have the speed guys like a Thai retailer Sammy Watkins Mecole Hardman or even a Travis Kelsey like Kansas city has been your hands could be tied a little bit but if you get that receiving corps and you have the speed let's stretch the secondary especially Kansas city let's stretch those guys so there we can take advantage of that Waller guy underneath or like you said if we slot wall around that we can take advantage of the other slower veteran tight end Jason Witten or even you know another player that's coming out of the backfield like a Josh Jacobs has a pretty good receiver out of the backfield I think there's a lot to like about this raiders team and I feel comfortable that of course struggling that Mariota is good enough and understands now that you can lose that job so I'm betting he's pretty hungry to get a shot to start again in the NFL and I don't think there's any question in anybody's mind that Gruden won't pull the trigger if he has to the card is not produce on a week in week out basis he will pull the trigger for Mariota and go whether its in game or or starting the the next week and I think a key to all of this we haven't touched on yet if you doctor declined staying healthy if they can stay healthy that's one of the best offensive lines in football there were some huge injury problems last year as we all know up front they didn't even play a full game together with that starting five offensive line until week ten of the NFL last year so that was part of the reason may be that you know you could throw the long ball as much as well according to the back here he threw for over four thousand yards in and out I believe a twenty one touchdowns eight interceptions so not overly bad considering that he was in front of a makeshift offense of line for pretty much the entire season with that group stayed healthy and gives car time to get the receivers down the field and it also maybe roll out and do some stuff we're not running for like half the time I think that that that's going to be a key thing and should Merrill to get some playing time as well and there's also options to use both of them inside of games at the raiders choose to do so to keep somebody you know like the things kind of do a little bit the case of hill about say the market's version same skills in place to help you there I think you got a little different skill sets but I think I would be surprised to see them usable Carr and Mariota in the same game together inside of the series once in awhile as well just to kind of keep teams off balance are you going to deliver short now doesn't have to worry about two hundred Washington odds of signing with Kansas city there's a similar style players all over charge me a little better a receiving the football making things happen one on one love him out of the backfield and I'd like to see some two back sets sometimes too were you fake it to Jacobs and then flared out to Jaylen were short and I think that Gruden still got a little bit of that old school mentality that you can see him in may I put some of those plays together as well the offense of one you talked about it we know when Rodney Hudson health is one of the centers in the game there's no question was a little bit banged up last year but got the contract extension that he deserves reaching cognitive suspended the first two games but he was based I don't wanna say choirboys ritual never be acquired but here's a guy that really lived up to what he needed to be off the field and that was huge because he's on the field play even his last three years in buffalo was absolutely fantastic Kolton Miller stepped in as a left tackle when we all lot of us looked at him coming out of UCLA is just like this big goofy guy that is going to take them for five years to really pan out and the guy really improved big time to where they knew even though Trent brown played left tackle that one year and protected Brady that they put him back to his normal right tackle side he was banged up most of the year last year and gave Jackson was all beat up I want your take because the left side of the line can cognate on Miller very steady and very healthy last year Hudson again we know if he's healthy he's the real deal what about the right guard position gave Jackson is getting up there he was beat up they grabbed Eric Kush to back him up what are we looking at as far as king gave Jackson give us a Pro Bowl tight even operable but just give us a consistent job that this year where he holds his own at the right guard position hopefully Trent brown stays healthy all year and that's a little fives that offense of line and what about the depth there because we know Brandon Parker is there are there some other players as well that haven't really been proven what are the raiders looking at depth wise because you said it's important for them to stay healthy that first from five I did add a little more depth which they knew that they needed to after last year because I think out of the line stayed healthy last year you couldn't see the street make the playoffs for the wild card teams and I think that that is not right side is still a key bit of Hudson you know all those guys that if they use can stay healthy across the board the team's gonna make the playoffs and we are done I really think that they're the key that opens up everything not just the pass protection but Jacobs in in just thirteen games put up the numbers that he did and again in behind it a big shift office of line half the time if you get that consistency there then you're you're you'll get the protection to that he's not going to have to chip somebody he can release out of the backfield and catch the ball ball get the ball out space it opens up so much in the offense and I I just really think that the the raiders address would be that they had to do with what was available in free agency and they just got a kind of hope and pray that everybody stays as healthy as they can throughout season another guy though that word that we may have not talked about just because it's a forgotten position a lot of time talking about allocating gold so guys I heck of a full back and you know a guy that I when I watched him walk for Taylor over there Wisconsin he was also a guy they called on several times when you were looking and he's a guy that can make plays offense of Lee your take on Alec Ingold he was able to board and have a good call back in this offense and he may have had a great run a cap to earn the trust of Jon Gruden to be back there and I think throughout the season the truck still more core to what they could do so as we move forward they can design a little bit more knowing his skill set the ability that he proved that he could do at the NFL level and it it just it's it's crucial to have a guy a young guy especially the king kind of anchor down that position hopefully for a while for the raiders and it's just you know guys that that extra level of comfort I guess knowing that you have a full back to open up some holes or to it to give Carson more protection back there is Kevin Bolinger Kevin two other guys on the defense by the first of the first second round pick right there the I guess the raiders had four in the top forty or whatever first and top forty two whatever Trayvon Mullen out of Clemson who had that big time game in the championship game against Alabama I like the way that his maturation went down last year later in the season I really saw this guy started to make plays in and then pay dividends and then you know you talk about a guy like that that that has a a great chance to to give that secondary a little bit of help I thought he was a guy that you know he needs to me he he needs to be there is is he's somebody that's good enough to start on this team because when we see the depth chart we start seeing guys like you know Trayvon Mullen move up on the depth chart we know Jonathan Abram we saw what we think he can do in hard knocks in a in a in the preseason and and just the attitude and what he did at Mississippi state he was outstanding he was a shut down guy you know as far as a safety which is any hit harder than heck you can see the attitude but I I don't want to lose a guy that has football skills that knows the game like an Eric Harris I thought Eric Harris was a guy that stepped up last year and really helped change the raiders season to where it looked like they could easily go into a funk after getting beat by Casey getting thumped by Minnesota and he came up big time in the game against the cold to where he helped them win that game with that pick six and he made a few big plays during the season I thought this guy I know he's not gonna win the combine drill award but this guy is a football player and I don't want to see this guy slid down the depth chart to where he doesn't get any playing time because he showed me a lot last year no I I thought he was one of the unsung heroes on the raiders defense last year is that he was one of the guys that you knew game in and game out was going to be there make some plays for you the question is is you get locked in the number shuffle this season and they eat out you have to prove yourself Donnelly every every season but every week in this morning and I think he's gonna have to fight to get as many snaps as we can on the field because the talent level around him has been raised and he is certainly got a bunch of talent and it's got a great story and he has come to pick I know they love them but he's gonna have to fight and claw to get as many stops as you can good stuff okay so let's go to draft now and let's say the.

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