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For more bucks playoff coverage. Text the word bucks to eat 5561616 20. Meanwhile, in the western Conference, these sons take a two games to none lead over the Clippers. Thanks to a walk off dunk, prouder looking frozen. Elliot puts it down. He puts it down. It's over. What a finish ESPN on the call DeAndre Ayton dunks, the game winning basket off an inbound play with 20.9 seconds to go. Final score one. Oh 4103, the series shifts to L. A On Thursday night in baseball. The Brewers win a game but lose a key player. First baseman Daniel Vogel back suffers a hamstring injury on the basis between third and home significant hamstring strain. We'll get an MRI tomorrow, it'll, it'll be an aisle Craig Counsell, Vogel back still scores the run after the injury Bunny hopping on one leg to home plate, but his teammates like Freddie Peralta knew it was a major injury wasn't looking good, You know his face. He's the kind of guy that always is bringing energy and happy and In one second. Everything changed just like that. It's not clear who the Brewers will call up from Triple A to replace him on the roster. Matt Paulie WTMJ SPORTS My Money is on casting hero. Tuesday's final five to nothing. Christian Yelich did Homer in the game. Freddy Peralta through six innings of one hit baseball while striking out 10 Brewers wrap up their road trip today to 40 can coverage starts at 205 Year on WTMJ just to gain Ebron play for space to He certainly does, And he's been posting a lot of instagram videos of himself hitting that. Some ball field out in California so something to keep an eye on 5 19 bigger grocery bill more to.

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