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And me playing with them you can go and stand in the president and wait for the guards the ball. And I know a lot of centers out there that never ever happens. That's an April moment in sports history. I'm Jack schmierer be listening to ribbon. Oprah Winfrey's taking a bold stance. Telling a big crowd in New York that it's time for women in the world to set the agenda. The remarks report of her keynote speech Wednesday night at the tenth annual women in the world summit in New York City's Lincoln center, the event, peaches speeches and panel discussions that address the central question can women save the world Winfrey's response is that women have been doing exactly that for so many years already. She says women should continue to quote rock the boat and redefine the message that positive ambitious inclusive in quote brimming with hope was also announced that Oprah. And Britain's Prince Harry are creating a documentary series on mental health for Apple's new streaming service. A sly lem ruling successfully appealed, I'm Jacky Quin within a p news minute. The Trump administration for now can resume sending asylum seekers back into Mexico weather cases are heard a federal court overruled a judge's injunction. I it was a consumer warning. Now, there's a recall on the Fisher Price ruck and play sleeper. Our Ed Donahue report, the company says more than thirty babies rolled-over in them and died since the product was introduced in two thousand nine. Reporter surrounding former school administrators swept up in the college admissions scandal. Mark Redel pleaded guilty to taking bribes to sit in for wealthy students during college entrance exams a five way tie for the lead after thirty six holes at the masters in Augusta..

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