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And susanne grit me if i'm wrong is is it going dawn okay and lydia's here from mexico and a documentary and she'll be tonight at cca you're all invited to to go to cca tonight i assume and in meet lydian and maybe questions and she'll do a presentation but before we get to lydia to your story in wired santa fe exactly suzanne explain the foundation in your role in bringing lydia to to santa fe richard thanks for having absolutely the anjelica foundation has been funding across a range of human rights and social justice issues for twenty four years in mexico across the country and we learned of lia's work back during the feminist side crisis in wireless and have followed her extraordinary career as a journalist is an author so when the opportunity that cca i was doing a series on mexico beyond the wall came up we said absolutely we have somebody we would love to bring up so that's how we invited levy i here and yeah the foundations super proud vr cca's doing a whole series of the hardest hanging by internationally famous painter right now ricardo's is hanging his paintings up there he's from mexico city and they're doing a whole bunch of stuff around around mexico so 'feminicide in what s i was not really was not aware of that tell us about that well almost eighteen years ago i began i'm a journalist have been attorneys for thirty years now and i started documenting the killings of young women in each wa north in mexico and activists that use leave their she started documenting how each girl disappeared in such a way and then the bodies were throwing the desert in specific ways so they thought it was like ritual yes retrial or some of some kind and then all of a sudden we it starting increasing and when we talked about it in the media the commend deny it until it became obvious that it was it was one hand family and domestic violence that was copy doing copycat of where the criminals were doing and then some american marines were young mary says we're going to mexico were also doing it involved organized crime and everything so i got involved into investigating that along although generalists that are now a lot of them are now dead because of that kind of investigation but we eventually after all these years were able to create culture of not only talking about that but also loss against femicide and violence against women in violence against young girls our guest is lydia cacho along with suzanne going from the anjelica foundation and the film tonight suzanne will show at what time and what is the name of the documentary yes it's almost valiant this and it is a document documentary series with five episodes but lee the will be doing a keynote sort of a ted talk prior at six pm will will kick off and then we will have a panel to discuss somos valley enters the rights of children generally and where mexico is right now in terms of its aspirants for a peaceful peaceful society it's crisis of violence that's never been worse and how you hold these two things simultaneously to see a new vision for that country and for its release ship with us tickets at the door tickets in advance the cca website both yes right and everybody's welcome to come right everybody is welcome to come starts at six o'clock and speak before the film yes i will pick for half an hour and explain a little about the project of doing interviewing children especially right now with the crisis in border with a with a girls and boys and family separation we will talk about that because what i did is travelled around mexico undocumented the lives of children in different areas of mexico like seen lowering the cartel sour punch up as a terror so we we'll talk about that and then talk a little bit about what is going on between the american border on the mexican do you have a website where people can can can find your work and and follow you absolutely is lydia cacho dot com l y c a c h o where do you live or can you tell us do you want to no well i was born in mexico city but i moved to the yucatan peninsula thirty years ago so i travel around the world but i lived there and.

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