Dan Crenshaw, Ventura County, NPR discussed on Weekend Edition Sunday


Said as we are ready. I'm asking the public to remain ready. If there's a fire in your area, please be ready to evacuate and listen to instructions more than two hundred sixty thousand people have been evacuated from parts of Los Angeles, and Ventura counties doi- Holly psycho, tell NPR news Thousand Oaks authorities in Los Angeles County, say two people were found dead amid the fires this weekend. As officials in northern California said the death toll from a massive fire. There has climbed twenty three as the Thousand Oaks community mourns victims of Wednesday's mass shooting at the borderline bar and grill impure is Amy held reports. Ventura County officials say an autopsy now confirms how the gunman died. Ian, David long. Died of a self inflicted, gunshot wound. According to Ventura County police citing an autopsy report before he turned the gun on himself, the twenty eight year old ex marine killed twelve others. Many young people attending college night at the country music bar officials have yet to confirm a motive, but believe he targeted the venue sergeant Ron Hillis of the Ventura County sheriff's office was among the first to rush in exchanging gunfire with long now his funeral is set for Thursday. Meantime, the deadly Woolsey fire is still burning in the area in Malibu Pepperdine university. Students were among the hundreds of thousands forced to evacuate some students had fled the borderline bar on Wednesday. Freshman Elena, who's lead did not make it out alive. Amy held NPR news from Washington. You're listening to NPR news. And this is WNYC in New York. I'm David I the New York City Veterans Day parade gets underway later this morning. The event begins at Madison Square park and after a wreath laying Sarah. Tony at the eternal light monument at eleven o'clock. The parade kicks off around eleven fifteen and will head north along Fifth Avenue from twenty six to forty sixth street. A military veteran from Texas was in New York this weekend to patch things up with a Saturday Night Live cast member NPR's James do back reports that SNL's Davidson faced widespread criticism after he made fun of Dan Crenshaw who is now a congressman elect Pete Davidson said before the midterms that Crenshaw looked like a quote hitman in a porno movie. Crenshaw a former navy seal served in Afghanistan and lost his right eye from an e blast in two thousand twelve he only recovered vision in his left eye after multiple surgeries some said Davidson's joke went too far Crenshaw himself tweeted, quote, that's don't deserve to see their wounds used as punch lines for bad jokes on the latest show Davidson apologized invited Crenshaw to make fun of what he looks like. This is Pete Davidson. He looks like if the meth from breaking bad was a person Crenshaw said there's a lesson here that quote, Americans can forgive one another James Dubec NPR news. Robert flack who served as chairman of the Adirondack park agency. And later was appointed Commissioner of the State Department of environmental conservation has died at his home in lake George. He was eighty five. A family spokesman says flack died yesterday after a period of declining health it's nine.

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