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Look forward to getting you back on the show here very soon. Thank you. AB rejection Does, Doctor all right? Jerry Bailey? Okay? Yes. So the massive breaking news that came down and during that segment, the Cardinals, according to Ken Rosenthal, Have agreed to acquire Nolan or not, oh from the Rockies, pending approval from both MLB in the players Union Rocky sending Cardinals significant cash believed in the 50 million range, and Nolan are not a will be deferring money, and Rosenthal's also turned out some names. These are all prospects. They're not starters at least right now left the Austin Garber. Spaceman Lucan Baker, outfielder Yon Taurus one, probably John tourists, and then my guess, he says, also might include righty Jake Woodford or Angel Run, Doan. So, Yeah. There you go. The end of the era of Nolan are not Oh, here in Denver with the Colorado Rockies. Embarrassing you send in $50 million to another team to take the best third baseman in baseball since Brooks Robinson. Just because you couldn't get that situation, right? You couldn't get that situation embarrassing. It is an embarrassment. This stuff was a tough decision. We suffer fans, but I mean from a from a from an organizational standpoint, that is an embarrassment. Hey, you're paying a contender 50 million To take a future Hall of Fame and I'm not kidding. It is the best third baseman says Brooks. Robinson played the game. You're paying for that for that, and prospects get out of here. Embarrassing. Let's talk then. I mean, I I can understand from The fan's perspective on where this is going toe land with him because he's an all timer. He's a Hall of Famer. At least right now, like you probably just say that that's it's already done. There's been arguments about whether he's the best third baseman ever play the game. And he's a cornerstone kind of player. Certainly I understand from the business side of things, they they lose control after this year, so that is was a real possibility that he walks and you get nothing. And so maybe for the Rockies at this point, they were felt like they were backed into a corner. But the problem is and and this was, you know, kind of Elevated last year during the walk up to the season, the back and forth in the media between Jeff Bride Itch and Nolan are not. Oh, And it got ugly there for a bit. So I think for Rockies fans, they're gonna kind of look at this and say. Jeff Pride is more less ran the cornerstone player out of town and I could see why they'd be a little frustrated. But what you said they're gonna lose cut. They were gonna lose control. After this year. He was likely gonna be gone. And they were going to get any kind of compensation. This was a we have to do something, or else we get nothing for this player kind of move, and I'm not going to defend or whatever. I'm just gonna say from an organizational standpoint, it's a bad spot to be in. You put yourself in a bad spot. You had to get the best you could get in. This sounded like it was Still to pay $50 million to get rid of him, though that's that's gonna be one that that Rockies fans are gonna have a hard time with this is this is like this is like, Okay, let's let's let's put this in NFL terms, all right. This is like the Shawn Watson right now and this situation. Accepted. The Texans don't get draft picks back for him. All right. They traded to the Jets for Sam Donald and like a couple of other, you know, guys that their backup lineman Backup linebackers, backup corners and they pay the Jets $50.

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