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Because some people you steve corrals a great example but some people i feel like never get out of the example. It's another example of can't get out of a certain role like the guys on friends like today ever do anything now. The argument is if you're on a show that's so successful where you end up not really being able to do anything after like you're making so much money maybe you don't care but also as an actor or actress it's gotta be kinda hard after to realize that you're never gonna get out of that jerry. Seinfeld would be a good. Yeah but he was a comedian. He was different. And i think it depends. What your aspirations because the the woman grazing grey's anatomy that what's her name from everett. What's her name Ellen pale like she was in a few movies she was an old school and then she got an a grey's anatomy like she realized. I can make wayball money at grey's anatomy. I might not get the roles i want. I can have a position of power hair and make like ten million dollars an episode and be a producer. And that's what she decided to do. She basically like throughout any potential acting career. She might have the movies to focus on making good ones who got carlton. Yeah like yeah he never or how about like fred dancing and i know he's been on other things but he was so good as sam malone and like was he was he somebody. Yeah somebody that could have had like an amazing acting career. Never really did. I mean. I think he had a pretty good tv career. Obviously you mentioned cheers Sim along but then he did that. Show backup which. I wasn't necessarily a fan of but he. He was pretty popular on that then. The recent was a good place he was on the curb your enthusiasm to as a good as himself which is funny and he did. That other sean. Each bureau fact the name but escapes me is it. God i with jason nothing. Yeah he said screech. I mean even alive. I don't think ted danson got pigeonholed. I think he actually did better than most guys do. Who have like an iconic role. I doubt like he'd do it. Sam malone he was able to go out and do two or three other oils that maybe people know him by other than symbol on. What about adrian. Grain from entourage. Off isn't there's one. There's one g is buzzing. Yeah there's a guy like i don't know is it. Because of his entourage success and people gnome as vince or is it that he wasn't that good of an actor might be the latter. I think like i. I don't think the acting was that great. And yeah he he he i. He's on some entre child. Netflix show right now called Aid but yeah. I don't think he was the strongest actor on that show so like they might not have been beat down as dork. I mean you look at so many iconic shows like something like the wire that's one of the best shows ever but people have beaten down everyone's door like oh you're on this show by come on our show it's like there's a lot of flashes in the pan of i. I mean even aaron paul. Let's bring up. Aaron paul dom science jesse jesse on the bad jesse pink. Now you know he's been in a couple of movies he's been. He's got some other roles but like he hasn't done anything to make you think of as he ping since he played. Jesse i mean if that's the worst thing that was you'd see a grave. Is you play this iconic tv show. It's not a bad thing. But i think as active they wanna like illegal something else in you in a way similar athletics where you can kind of go from being the top dog on the biggest show ever and all of a sudden you kinda got nothing going on definitely. It must be a bizarre feeling for these guys. Yeah yeah absolutely. It's it's tough. It's a tough business. I know people all those easier. It's like it's it's hard work if you're not good at it. It's real hard work to do. And these people are guaranteed jobs men. There's a lot of working class actors that you know they get a job to three. Yeah but they they can stay still going to pay bills. The vast majority of actors are not making a lot of money. There's one for you. Fez from that. Seventies show god he got t- still dine out on all the fuck an asi got. I think which was says. He was the funny one when they would always do the roundtable he would say the ridiculous shit. The guy who would wear the sunglasses the hispanic hispanic guy. Yeah the saw. Yeah yeah yeah. What wilmer wilder omarosa. Yeah yeah that guy had like a jeeter like dating Like pool animal. Yeah he had a bunch of different rockets. Yeah he was savage hosted that show yo mama on mtv where they would make just like your momma jokes for like two or yeah. That was bar roots secretly. Loved speaking a show free brittany documentary dropping tuesday when this comes out. We're recording this monday. That is going to be a banger. So all the behind the scenes bullshit this that her Family put her through in order to keep her in this conservative ship. So i cannot wait to see that and one other thing i had written down. Here's mcgregor's first. Pitch there for the cubs. Game are these. Are these guys fucking trying to pitch it like shit. This has to be like an attentional thing. So i think he tried to throw it as hard as possible and do they play baseball in ireland. Like he doesn't even know how to throw the ball correctly. I mean come on man the guys fuck. He was a ufc champion. You're telling me these guys dude. I think you'd be surprised at athletic people never played baseball. Like don't know how to throw a ball. I think guys in the nhl that if you throw them throw a baseball you'd be shocked. Let me ask you this. Do you think that if if somebody hands you a ball no blow up no nothing. You can't even practice going into it. You can throw a strike from the top of the mound. No i can't i i. I think that. I think i if i could off i mean i was a big leftie. Try through gas. Do nice curb ause. Money tells like twelve. And let me tell you. I would not feel confident. Throwing strike president bush's nine eleven first pitch greatest first-pitch all time was a perfect strike. I don't know man if i took a lot off it. Maybe i can get over the plate. But i would not be confidence farther away. You think are the first pitch once on a little spinners game. How'd you do throughout the first pitch wrote. I was walking literally game. T-ball often. I was walking in and they said that the guy cancelled that day. I was wearing a red sox. Shirk they were like come. Throw out the first pitch ended up throwing a strike. Right down the middle. I wanna see video of this. Ra done on the actors who can't get out of the roles conversation or did you have any other any other things to chime in on. That already. never got anything after being the cook. That's true man. I love being a cook. Funny did i did get one of those emails. I told you. I'm a member that cast in place where they i'm on file so if someone sees me and they might wanna use me. I'll get like a special email because the film movie around here next month but i- i replied they haven't heard back yet so i don't know if i'm gonna will. They should make like an ocean. Thirteen style a like a film about a guy who sneaks into sporting events and maybe ra could play himself. Yeah see i. I wouldn't tell people about it so i don't know he can make that movie. That's all key when you do that. Shit you keep you fucking mulch shut so you can keep getting away with it not tell walsum and look for it while posher did but it was just too bad that we did of passionate commun- drink cup posher socket..

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