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Best ball streets. Their puppy tournament is just five dollars to get in. If you sign up for our draft kit and you've never had underdog account before you get thirty five dollars credit easy game. Eat if you already have an underdog count. They'll just give you ten dollars because you have the etr draft kit. Let's get into it here and we have bad news to start real bad news. Actually feel bad for the kid. Obviously feel bad for anybody. Who's drafted him travers at. Ti is going to miss the entire season after injuring his foot against the saints on monday night. Football sad times. And it's sad. Because i think even had some sharp plays on jaguars to win. They have sea south. I think that hurts that. I think it hurts. Trevor lawrence helps james robinson who i personally had a pretty big fade on evan immediate reactions to travis at tea and missing the entire season. It sucks heat injuries. But you know the the beat must go. On and john james robinson was actually in the overvalued section. And he's gonna. i'm at the pull him out because he's gonna rocket up the rankings. I mean he's probably gonna end up somewhere around or be twenty overall. If not a little bit higher he does have three down skill set as he showed an undrafted rookie. Last year. carlos. Hyde is almost certainly going to be involved. But he's never been a particularly adept pass catcher in. I think that at the end of the day james robinson is now staring back at a role where he could see sixteen twenty touches a game. Yeah and by the way. It's twelve fifteen on tuesday. This news just broke from adam. Schefter mentioned about five minutes ago. We have not had a chance to fully digest this yet. I will say that. I think james robinson was a feed for me because lack of asking rome and it was so clear. Chavez was gonna take a lot of the past work and siphon off a decent amount of early down work. Now you can project james robinson who was running with the first team on a majority early down snaps anyways as every back. Go back and listen to brandon talk about this jaguars offensive line. Jaguars offensive line could be very good. So man robinson is going to scream up the boards are rankings. We'll be updating for that by the time this comes out any other effects on the jaguars you think past games. Chenault i mean there are some risks. Chenault was going to overlap. Which is out the window now and i still like. This is my favorite of the jaguars wider savers. Any thoughts there. Liska chenault is going to see some upward movement On on mytalk one fifty as a player that they had sort of designated a roll like a gadget role and a manufacturer touch role that urban meyer initially wanted cadavers. Tony to fill but he went in front of the jags they went with. Travis t. n. Tragedy chan's out for the year. I think if you look at throughout the rest of their depth chart throughout the rest of their skill positions la- viscous chenault makes the most sense to fill that role in addition to he was already locked into to the slot receiver duties so yeah i think that he's gonna move up At least a few spots in the top fifty all right be sure you're checking out the rankings. Again these will be updated by the time. This podcast comes out. I want to move on to the rushing rookie quarterbacks who have been a huge part of our draft process this year trae lance and justin fields. I'm i don't wanna say worried. But i thought it was notable that on sixty three preseason snaps treat lance's only rushed one time one time for eight yards. Meanwhile justin fields in about seventy snaps nine kerry seventy nine yards and one touchdown. I'm curious what you think. Do you think this is a preseason thing with trae lance running. Do you think this is the coach's telling him hey don't go out there and get killed. It's the preseason work on your progressions or lance maybe more of a pocket passer than we envisioned and to me. I still like trae but that we cap his ceiling. Plenty what do you think about trailing. It's not rushing hardly at all in the preseason. I really don't make anything. I don't have any strong takeaways from it from a negative standpoint that they're not gonna use them as a runner. I think that actually go back. And listen to the schefter pod and he talked about how he was really trailing his Football i q. Football i intelligence. That really put him over the edge when they were making that that third overall pick but it also. I am sure how to do. Well in schefter mentioned this that there were just things trae lance could do on the field that match jones could not in one of them is be a dynamic dual threat and he absolutely was at north dakota state in his second year there his only full year as a starter. He ran for eleven hundred yards and fourteen touchdowns any averaged over the course of his college career. Seven yards per carry so. I absolutely think that's going to be a big part of their offense. Just like it was with kyle shanahan in washington with rg three yep and trillions played a reasonably good game in the preseason games still expect him to have at least a fifty fifty shot if not better to start week one. Meanwhile though man justin fields. I mean it would be humiliating to start andy dalton over justin fields and yet you can say the offense disaster. That's true but just the fields has the legs to avoid it. Andy dalton is going to get killed back there. Just feel already. Nine kerry seventy nine yards and one touchdown in roughly seventy snaps are so low but more than one games worth so yeah with the offensive line situation. I mean i think justin fields and trae land actually really close right now. I know trillions goes a good round or two before lance. But i'm encouraged by what i've seen from justin fields in the preseason. How close do you think he is too trae lance right now. Yeah i think that the gap if there was a big one. I think it is absolutely narrowed. I think that you can put more trust into the forty niners offense as an entity. Then you can into the bears offense but from rushing standpoint. I mean there..

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