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The nuclear side of things, I recently spoke with Harry Sullivan. He was talking about new generation for reactors. I'm not sure if you've looked at that and also I've seen those have been a breakthrough in fusion. So there was an MIT project that achieved a major advance towards fusion energy. So it feels like stuff is happening, but we are way behind where we need to be because we're having energy issues in the UK. I think there's been blackouts in China in India, there's the issue with the grid that happened in Texas. Have you looked much at these type four nuclear reactors? To a moderate stand, it's not my key expertise, but essentially the market can shift towards these smaller nuclear reactors. And so historically, they were all sorts of security concerns around having smaller and more widespread nuclear reactors. And because of the CAPEX and the regulation, it was more cost effective to build a very, very giant nuclear reactor. But theoretically having these smaller ones can be very useful. And then, of course, there's new generation tech out there. There's also ones that are using technology that is actually pretty old. It just hasn't been used. And so they're kind of pulling some of those technologies out of the dust bin in dust and those off and then kind of looking into how they can apply those as well. So it's really, it's really underexplored field because it's not something we've aggressively pursued, whereas for example, semiconductors, we're throwing our best at it. We're constantly iterating, growing that area very quickly, whereas nuclear, for example, the number of people going into nuclear engineering as a field in the western world is minimal. And so it's not been a big area of investment. But I'm optimistic. You're optimistic. Well, but you think energy is going to be one of the big topics of, I guess the next decade where we saw our energy from. And how tight it is, I guess to the global economy because if fuel prices are going up air travel, we get more expensive, I assume that's going to be linked to containers being more expensive. Actually, and I think I've read about this one. I also think I threw you tweet about this specific companies have stopped certain production just as energies too high. Isn't there like a Dutch steel? Plant that closed down. Yeah, that was aluminum. And so aluminum is a very electricity oriented metal to produce to refine that. And so it actually it's funny because that's often been compared to Bitcoin, where if a country has a ton of exces electricity, one of the things they can do with it is refined aluminum because it's so electricity intense..

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