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It's 1 28 traffic and weather on the AIDS to Rita Kessler in the W T o p Traffic Center. Seeing delays on south Bound D C tu 95 south bound to 95. To the Baltimore Washington Parkway. Coming after 1 95 to route 100. This is where we have the accident Activity. Watch for response. They're not quite sure How many lanes air getting you buy. You'll also find after that everything running well. Eastbound 50 slows from Whitehall Road trying to get onto the eastbound span of the Bay Bridge. The right lane of two is blocked with the work. The westbound span is running two way traffic. No delays on westbound 50 trying to get across the westbound span of the bridge in the district, South Bondi see to 95 heavy passing Benning Road north bound so soft. 11 straight Bridge to Pennsylvania Avenue. The work was in the left lane north, but in the third Street Tunnel is still slow near Massachusetts Avenue, headed onto out about New York Avenue at New Jersey Avenue. A single lane gets by the work in North East South Dakota Avenue of Bladensburg Road was a report of a crash in Virginia on 66 westbound delays starting from the Beltway toward Nutley Street. Then again, passing the Fairfax County Parkway eastbound heavy inside the Beltway after Washington Boulevard, a single right lane. We'll get you by the work zone. Also on Route seven. Westbound delays near near Colvin Run Road China make your Way to bearing Cameron. That's where you're going to find a single lane. Getting by the work this October van Meter Holmes wants you to have all treats and no tricks now until October 31st van Meter's giving you up to $20,000 in savings Visit Van Meter home. Stop Comes life Savings to learn more I'm Rita Kessler. W T o p traffic. Return to storm Jane Forrest Lauren rickets highs today. Running above average right around 80 degrees. It's breezy and its beautiful overnight.

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