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And it really does fit into what we're talking about not only because then a mission com it's smart it's funny it's about empowerment it's about tolerance it's just really good and in your kids like it and you're like this well sochi tokyo it's part as i can tell hard to know exactly is is coming out today on tv diaz is so which is going to be much more low key with that with jonathan price and it's set of eyes was to upon about a baker it was okay the boston mccarthy him i think has up until this point been able to do no wrong announced she stewing wrong is right i then ghostbusters was a mess it was an because they're winning they just because it wasn't funny and it was it was i just think it didn't work at all but in the boston she plays this kind of horrible woman and then he would be okay if you step of their horrible but then sheikh said of gets all the she it i think she's terrific i think she's really a very talented comedian officials are very good actors what she gets with the white right director and she's on stop of all of that she was stop of the ball some criminal is one of those movies that i'm said of defies imagination you have to an end credulity have to come suspend some reality it's there's kevin kazmir gary only untimely jones obviously very good cast ellis eve ryan reynolds i'm michael pen so it's got some really q guys and then and some good actors and international terse with on the lose the cia engine best equipped to stop the terrorist threat is that i'm not going to play very much but entitled goodbye a ryan to capture the terrace the cia and close the memories and skills of the prize aged in the body of an unpredictable criminal kevan the edge seahawks of the former death ruin mate will finish the operative the opposition but the mission might prove to difficult for the unstable in that it's a story of two brains one body in one very dangerous mission i actually like this it's not terrific it's not to be around what oscar surpassed out but i mean kevin kazmir as he's aging is becoming a better actor because he's not so much reliant on the fact he's he's qb for tuesday he's a genetic.

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