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Amazon says it will cover up to ten thousand dollars in start up costs for employees who are accepted into the program and leave their jobs company says it will also pay them three months worth of their salary. A reward of at least a thousand dollars. Now being offered for information about a hit and run driver who plowed into a ten year old girl and kept on going. The Pierce county. Sheriff's office says the girl has several broken bones. She was hit Saturday night while riding a scooter along one hundred thirteenth street in parkland black SUV possibly a Nissan Pathfinder struck her deputies say it probably has front end damage as a result. If you know anything you're asked to call the Pierce county sheriff's office family outing in central Washington turned deadly on mother's day weekends. Komo's Mark Christopher says it happened on Moses Lake Como news has now learned that the two jetskis belong to the same family. Grant county authorities saying at twenty seven year old woman has now died after that accident. Grant county sheriff's office, saying Edrich and rice of demise writing with her eight year old daughter on one of the jet skis on the other watercraft was a seventeen year old young man who was a relative in the family somehow the both collided near blue Heron park. The child and teenager were not seriously injured bystanders at the park went into the water in administered first aid. All three once emergency responders arrived all three were taken to a Moses Lake hospital. There was some time later with the hospital Audrey Anne rice passed away the investigation of the crash continues. Mark Christopher KOMO news crews and Mason county manage to rescue two sailors who got stuck on some cliffs under the steel bridge yesterday. The sheriff's office has been urging people not to hike under that bridge in the Olympic forest. Komo news time six ten that's time to get to the Harley exterior sports desk with Tom hutler. Mariners's gorgeous nine runs over the last four games including eleven two loss at Boston yesterday. Swept by the SOX lost four straight making it even worse yesterday was a cold rainy weather Seattle and Boston fought through much of the game. As skippers got services, though. Yeah. Both teams play miserable conditions at their day. Not a good series for us. Road trip back home..

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