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Nothing is off limits and now for your host Chad or either. Hey, hey, hey, everybody what's up. Welcome back to another episode brand-new week Renwick. It is triple digits, Texas. It's hot. I am currently recording in San Jose, California. I'm in a hotel room. I'm having to share my hotel room with my road manager party foul, Steve. He likes to keep the temperature the thermostat settled sixty. I don't know about you folks, but I can't handle that. And so probably going to be sick tomorrow because of Steve. And so here we are. He's back there late in the bed under nine pounds of blankets in. Yeah. So. Here. We are weird saying, Jose, California. On the episode today I got my buddy coach. John brubaker coach brew is on here. John is a is a prolific author, and he is a great motivational guy. You're gonna love it. He just comes at things from coaching perspective. We'll get into that as we talk and we were in Boston together last weekend and he was able to come to any lives in Maine, and he was in Portland, Maine, he's able to come down and hang out in another new friend friend, his Derek Volk came down as well. And so we did their radio shows my podcast, all these different things you're going to get to enjoy today. So hopefully you guys are having fun. I want to tell you about something. I want you to go to my website watch Chad dot com, and I want you to check out because I don't think a lot of you have. I want you to check out the merchandise, check out the store. Our hats are shirts. We've got some really fun funny and fun items on their the hats and t shirts. The are folks at say, I won't apparel do a great job putting stuff on there. And I like for folks to know because a lot of times you don't get to come to a show. And if you wanna tour shirt from the star spangled banner, comedy show. Or a hat or something of that nature. Sometimes folks like to go on there and grab them. I love the new Chad. Prayer is not fake news shirt. That's one of my favorites and I do love those tour shirts there. And I'm, I'm looking at Steve laying back here behind me. Are you are you are? Do you have pets on Steve? You don't have Hansel. This is going to be interesting because Stephen, I never stay in the same hotel and he says, no, he doesn't have pants on. We never stay in the same hotel room, put it that way. So it's going to be scary tonight. It really is between thirty degree temperatures in the room and dealing with Steve, but I want us to get into this episode. Thank you for tune in. I think we had about one hundred and forty five, maybe one hundred and fifty thousand downloads last week, and that's great for podcasts and it's all because you. So again, I have to say thank you for listening, hang on because after the break we're gonna come back with coach, John Rebecca Becker sitting down having a conversation. It's a fun and you'll like there's there. We go all over the place with this thing, but we're going to leave you with some really good ideas, couple of laughs and grins and smiles and life. Principles, but having fun with having fun with it and did not want to tell you. This seems like there should be some things. So many things after the fact when I get the podcast of and I'm like, I did. I forgot to tell him that. So big shows that are coming up. Everybody says, oh, you all about self promotion these days. Well, that's why it's called the Chad pray through show right there. It's the Chad breakthrough shit we are. We are promoting. There's this thing called making a living paying the mortgage and putting food in your belly, and it requires it requires going out and working in what we do is we we travel around the country. We do the star spangled banner, comedy tour. We put on the shows and we have some great ones coming up, brand new dates being announced, what's coming up. We've got blocks Mississippi. We're going to do New Year's their New Year's..

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