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Me Brian Mud on Facebook. And Today's note is this Matt Brian Mud Radio. A story on W. Y O D reference the installation of a software tabulating patch to Broward voting machines by Microsoft that was unsolicited as a resident of Florida 23 all too familiar with statistical anomalies. Any news on your end. I hear you there. Anyway, so Yeah. Look, this does come down to what? Peter reference that Microsoft patch is a patch for Windows seven. Alright, so and there's a message in this for you two happened out any computer on window seven. So for all the war to improve election, security and integrity and Broward and Palm Beach counties after our 2018 debacles. Which, of course, led to the ouster of both election supervisors and met us Peter Antonacci. The thought is out there that will. Maybe it'll be the computer operating systems themselves that could become compromised this time. And here's the thing just as tens of a million of millions of Americans are still using window seven on their computers. So are many counties across the country, including you in Florida. So the concern with all computer systems running the dated operating system, Microsoft actually ended support in January, 14th. Yet as of August over 22% of active computers in the United States still running it That's the message for you. If you're running Microsoft Windows seven bad idea. Use that computer if you want, but use it offline. Your computer could be compromised at any time and certainly is far more susceptible to being compromised. Then if you're using a currently supported operating system So anyway, you're going with that doesn't sound good and Broward is is running it. There's a Yeah, but and here's the but Microsoft's created an initiative called defending Democracy. And as part of this program, there is a designated support team. This is all they do. They provide free security updates for federally certified voting machines that run Windows seven and they're doing it through the 2020 elections. Now the reference update happen to be part of this program. And as for what the updates Intel this is Microsoft's explanation. They say. Since we announced our defending democracy program, we focused on bringing the best of Microsoft's security products and expertise to political campaigns, parties, the election community and democracy focused non governmental organizations. This includes our Account Guard service, which we offer at no additional cost and election guard. Which were making available for free and open source. So, yes, the skepticism. It is understandable given Broward and Palm Beach counties election history, however. This likely is not an issue to be concerned with this year as Peter just articulated, not keeping him up at night. No one of the big misconceptions is something he also address that is that election systems live online. And thus can be tampered with by hackers. They simply don't they do not. That is such a false Notion premise. Whatever else it's all out there from people who either don't know or want to mislead or both. So Healing time. Boats are accessible. Be clear about this. The on ly time votes are accessible anywhere in the state of Florida. Not just here in Broward. When they're being transmitted to the state. So what Microsoft maintaining security for all voting systems systems seldom being online and paper ballot backups. The concerns over online hacking in tampering are minimal and the biggest threat remains the same for this cycle, as in The previous cycles. Legal tabulation of the balance themselves. So anyway, there you go and be right back. Natalie, you're top trending stories right here on the Bryan Mud shown he's ready. Who's 6? 10? W I think right now switch your family that T Mobile and get four lines for.

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