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Governor. This region's response to governor today. The white house pointing to florida's couvert numbers that twenty five percent of hospitalizations in the country are in florida. It is also a fact that the governor has taken steps that are contra counter to public health recommendations late today. The president asked about the florida governor in fort lauderdale seventeen year old. David beano a high school football player hospitalized for ten days with kovin developing pneumonia. He's now at broward health span. Pretty scary actually. I was. I wasn't actually able to go to the bathroom without shortness of breath a couple days ago. He could get to anyone. Get you if you're ten if you get you. If you're sixty doesn't matter like how do you are. It comes amid growing concern for the young. The number of children admitted to hospitals with covert now three and a half times higher than it was a month ago. David and his mother regret not getting him. I would definitely encourage them to get their kids vaccinated if they're eligible because now with school starting and you know we're here and more than half of the kids here. Are you know due to kobe. And so it's it's scary so many concerned about the children. Victor kendo joins us now. Victor with some ninety million eligible americans who still have not gotten the shot. Explain why dr anthony falconry is now warning that the continued spread could lead to a variant. That's worse than delta. Lindsey dr anthony foul saying that without more people getting vaccinated. The virus will keep mutating and we could end up with a variant. That's even worse than delta. That could evade vaccines. That's why it's all the more critical to get more shots into arms. Now lindsey victor thank you now to the other major news tonight. The dramatic images from this catastrophic fire season in the west nearly one hundred large fires burning and excessive heat and strong winds. Not letting up california's largest the dixie fire racing cross fifty thousand acres in twenty four hours forcing more families to evacuate their homes destroying the entire main street in the historic mountain town of greeneville. The smoke and haze for more than a dozen fires in northern california could be seen from a satellite twenty two thousand miles up. Abc's will car is in the fire zone veteran firefighters battle weary and exhausted or calling these extreme conditions. The worst they've ever seen west strong winds dry brush acting like jet fuel banning multiple fires or the sacramento river ripping through fourteen hundred acres in just a matter of hours. Now we're all evacuating. Everyone's driving home as fast as they can get their bag and split destroying at least fifty structures damaging dozens more fire burns or this area so quickly destroyed dozens of homes and left residents with little time to get out ron pucci and his wife losing their home. He tried to stay and fight using a hose in water from his pool but says the fire raced up the hill like a tornado. All of a sudden the wind picked up blue embers. Smoke right in my eyes and blue the water right back in my face and next thing i know there's fire on both sides of the north the.

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