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He's getting that second. That that Scottie Pippen, Joe Dumars attention. You know what it means, like We gotta worry about the primary school in Austin. So yeah, he's gonna be great when there's another primary scorer. Nonsense. Zack doesn't have that Zach is more athletic. Exactly bigger and exactly. There's more explosive. And he has that type of athleticism and those type of gift that Hey, has superstar potential. I think that Um, I think the problem with the Bulls and the ball in years and the Hoiberg years that they were trying to make him something else. We were trying to make him off facilitated. They're trying to make him get other guys going when the reality reality is the way that he gets guys going is by getting going himself. And Now he's garnering the attention of the entire defense. And now Lowry can miss those open shots that he's getting for him. You know, when Dale Carter could be whatever he is, I'm not even sure he's like a 67. Powers dinner, You know, I mean, they just need to, you know, go ahead and send him out to pasture. I thanks. I appreciate it. And there was I don't want to overrate one moment that I saw on TV. It was a game a game or two ago, It was either Dallas or this last game. What they won, where they was a time out on the floor. Zach was walking to the bench in Billy Donovan met him out a little further onto the floor and was pointing here pointing their Zach was looking right at him and then motioning with his hands there, and then he looked at him and he nodded and he went to the bench. That would have been greeted last year with an eye roll. Do you know what I mean? Like it? Boiling would have said something to him. He would have rolled his eyes and walked away. But like they're engaged, they're listening. They're being coached by a professional right now. Harada in Cicero. You're on ESPN 1000. What's up, Sherrod? Harry, I've got to meet here. Please just pass on what the brother said before about exact like you gotta understand. Like brother came out. You see that lady? Extremely young. He has been paid to the point I soon got. He blew out his knee come back and have a piss poor culture and everything he's learned everything. He's done. Done on the fly until he got hold of Billy Donovan and he's still getting your 22 23 24 25 points again. 27 points again. And this kid has looked at like her. But he ain't happy today. Winning. You gotta be more careful. Everybody was heard as well. That old thing was hurt. Everybody was herded. He's had people heard around him. I love him, so it's hard to win like that, and he's been doing what he's doing and fight. Having Is that thing in his way He's been doing it in spite up, so I'm like, Yo, I'm looking at him. I'm like, I don't know what we're looking for. We had Jimmy Butler. But he wasn't a star. So we got rid of him and that we still looking for the next Jimmy. Now we got him like I don't know what we're looking for exactly. I was like, What was we doing, man? This is not what this is about. Like you said, Sylvie, we add two. We don't take away from you Don't just find 27 points a game. This plan stinks. Success with six rebounds. You know, this is a fad, the 6 ft six explosive consumptive Jim Adlai and but said before he is our number one to Kian, and if the Bulls such a bad thing he's still getting 30. Still gave him 35. You still get him? 38? Because this kid is talented. This kid that was over 30? Yeah. Sure I thank you. The good collar. Sherrod. We're rhythm at the end. There was a little screwed up. We were dancing. Speaking of that we've needed contestant right now for my wife for radio partners Dance. 3123323776 what we'll call her. Would you like to play a waddle? Let's go number 50 for Mike Singletary mikes and possibly your next D c waddles Gonna love that will play my wife, a radio partner..

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