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A French national who was arrested when he arrived in the US for world beard growing championship has been sentenced by Miami. Federal judge twenty years in prison for online drug trafficking, using the Elliot's Oxy monster thirty six year old gal bull areas pleaded guilty in June two drug conspiracy and money laundering. He was busted for online worldwide sales of cocaine heroin methamphetamine oxycodone and fat mill the Drug Enforcement Administration says Valeria was already under investigation when he was detained in Atlanta last year. While on his way to the world beard and mustache championships in Austin, Texas historic birthday. Composer Giuseppe Verde was born two hundred five years ago today that's the late who Johnny parody singing one of his songs, LA, Donna, a mobile and. Late jazz legend Thelonious monk was born one hundred years ago today, and let's go back in time. He's from India, and I'm from Pakistan. We've tried to build strong relationships between India and Pakistan four years ago today in two thousand fourteen seventeen year old Malala who survived an attempted assassination by the Taliban in two thousand twelve for her support of girl's education became the youngest recipient of the Nobel peace prize. It's twelve fifty one. It's time to start comparing smartphones was cars every year, we get new ones, but it's the same basic Mahato with a few bells and whistles Kim commander with your Wednesday. Consumer tech update. Get extended interviews on tech topics with their free commando podcasts. Available on apple podcasts and Google play. On the heels of Apple's new iphones Google released the new pixel three phones yesterday sporting larger screens new colors, a wide angle lens glass back for wireless charging. But here's a future. I'd like my iphone to help you avoid. Calls from robo, callers and scammers. Call screen appears when you receive a phone, call tap screen. Call and a robotic voice will pick up you see a transcription of the call, and you can either pick up or hang up anytime. Unlike other expensive phones, the pixel has only one lens, but it does a better job zooming in and getting the details and forget stressing over a picking the best photos for.

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