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Got reporting for world. I'm bonnie purchase Since both you've enjoyed bonnie's music selections for advent. We have made up a spotify playlist. So you can download those cuts for your own enjoyment. We've placed linked to the playlist in today's transcript world and everything dot org. Bonnie returns one week from today with one more musical reflection this time celebrating christmas day. Well it takes a team to put this program together each day and so we want to say thanks to each one by name. Megan basham ryan burger anna. Joe hansen brown can't covington kristen. Flavin katie gawltney. George grant kim henderson lee jones owner jerry. Bonnie mary reicher jenny rough sarraj weinsberg. Less cillers and cal. Thomas night owls johnny franklin and carl. Pete's are the audio engineers who stay up late to get the program to you early. Paul butler is executive producer. And marvin alaska is editor and chief and of course. None of this happens without you. This is our december giving drive. And i hope you'll beat the rush. Make your gift today at w. n. g. dot org slash donate and psalm. Thirty four. david reminds us old taste and see that the lord is good. Blessed is the man who takes refuge at him. I hope you have a restful weekend and worshiped with your brothers and sisters in.

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