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All presented by Verizon. The Packers have picked off Brady, but they put the defense of the Buccaneers does their job. They've been terrific in this postseason. Here's Brady Kurt Warner, leading by five at his own 38 1st in 10, 10 39 to play in the game, and this is what championship teams do right. They have to answer on both sides of the ball. We've seen that tonight have been times when the offense has had to step up for both teams, and they done it in time. Defense have had to step up for both teams, and they've done it. Who's going to make that one big player stop to decide this game? Brady 1st and 10 from his 38 got the snap hands off to Jones, who takes it over the left tackle to the 40 Kurt on a game of two on first down for Tampa Bay on overall, I feel that the Packers have done a really nice job against the run given up anything big You know, 23 yards. You know the bucks. They're staying with it in this state and favorable situations. That's been a key for this Packer's defense in their losses. They haven't been able to stop the run between the tackles that a nice job tonight. Second down a Brady and the gun from his own 40 wipes his hands on the white towel off the belt. Buckle flight by a back Jones shotgun. Snap drops back three left tackle block side on throw great with the stationary catch bell die, then falling down, crouching at the 46 of the Bucks. Outside the hash picks up six. Right there. Kurt are clocking the 4th 9 45. Tampa Bay leads by five. Here we go back to the money down the money down. This is going to side this game is who wins these third down. Battles down the stretch is going to probably be who's punching their ticket to Tampa. It's dusk, undreamed bang third into Brady under center from his Tampa Bay 46 1 backs. Cap spin back the past. Breaking the blitz is on the brink of those arching spiral passed on the near side. It hangs and it's picked up in a big picking, keeping two handed in the ship's Kenny 3 18 Candy. Thank ladies seen three years sections on three consecutive possessions, and this was a place where the Packers dialed up the perfect pressure at the perfect time. They brought a secondary pressure off the side. It was savage in this case. Plenty for net couldn't pick him up Tom Brady song and just decided to throw the ball up in the air couldn't get enough on it to get it to Mike Evans just hung up in the air and leads to interception. Number three Number one coverage quarterback and pro football is gyre Alexander a Green Bay. He has just picked off Tom Brady for a second time in the second half, and for the second consecutive possessions now Aaron Rodgers and the Packers 15 to go trailing 28, 23, 1st and 10 at the Green Bay, 24. Rogers will have five wide He's in the shotgun formation five yards away from his center with the first in 10 Shotgun Snap puts his on Here He goes and down, he goes, had barely any time to breathe and shot. Derek brings him down. Aaron Rodgers is set for the fifth time today, the fifth time Rogers has gone down the SAT back to the 23 Green Bay. It was quick pressure on both sides with shock Barrett and J P p no real place for Aaron Rodgers to go. But the key is when you get into these empty sets five wives you can't hold the football. You don't have the guys up front the hold the football. You got to get the football out of your hands and somebody doesn't win deep early, find up, throw and get it out. You can't keep taking sacks. Just back to his 23 yard line. He's got a second down. 11 shotgun snap, right tackle plant he sets and winds up long passed on the far side on incomplete the 40 yard line down that far. Sideline looking for the wide receiver mark ways. Tell Dez stand Ling. In completing a long spiral thrown by Rogers. It'll be 3rd and 10 for Green Bay, trailing by five after picking off Brady three consecutive times, 8 26 in the fourth passes last couple drives by the Packers just don't like what they're doing, and Not a great drop back team. We've got a dialect, quick throws, win 1st and 2nd down. You can't just come out kind of throw it down the field every single stab. It's just not how they're built. Third down 11 for Rogers and the gun, keeping his hands warm from his own 23 high shotgun. Snap brings it down, Kocsis right on bouncing up and down, Waiting, waiting. Waiting feels a passing complete. It was a short one up the middle. They were going for Lazard. He was heavily covered. He was just crossing the hash mark and a leap in its incomplete at the 30. Five. It would have been barely enough for a first down, but it's fourth down. They don't get it on the incompletion. Here comes the Green Bay, putting in it again. So Brady is filmed. Three consecutive interceptions on the patrons have only been able to cash in once, second consecutive three and out for Green Bay. They had an opportunity there on the shallow route. The state Brown, who decided to pass it up and go to the second level, even though we've only been a five yard pass. I think he walks for the first down because he created good separation from the defensive back. JK Scott will punch for Green Bay from the 15 swings his right leg through ball wobbles on the far side cartoon 25 trapped against the chest. Looking into the whites. It's nick ins with the ball. Then he quickly hit plunging ahead to the 28 Tampa Bay in the far side hang of 49. That's a good 13 yard return 52 yard punt. Lights, Iran and his dusk in Green Bay. The lights taking hold of the field way have a 26 degree night and it's a five point game with a 10 to play in the fourth. Tampa Bay 28. Green.

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